Hello KDrama Lovers! :)


Okay, so how would I start this post? Well, I’ve decided to add a new category on my page since I am going crazy, I know its a bit late to accept it, with Korean Dramas. Its a late acceptance since I was hooked before on ‘My Love from the Star’. Hahahaha, yeah I, and hubby, did love that series.

I wasn’t that addicted coz I have watched only few of KDramas, as of now. It was only ‘Meteor Garden’, I know it was Taiwanese, but lets accept it, its the first non-Filipino series ever played in the Philippines, so the Filipino went crazy of that Asianovela as we called it. And after that, i wasnt able to like other Asianovela, but there are near on half to hundreds KDrama aired in the Philippines.

Wayback 2014, My Love from the Star was aired in the Philippines. It was still new because its only few months since its ended in Korea, and Philippines aired the said series. When hubby and I watched the trailer on GMA, a Philippine TV network, we were intrigued. And someone offered us copy of the whole series. And there we go… Started to love KDrama.

So far, here are the list of KDrama I’ve watched. Be writing my reviews on each series, swear! 🙂

  • My Love from the Star
  • Descendants of the Sun
  • The Legend of the Blue Sea
  • Goblin
  • The Heirs
  • Uncontrollably Fond (on-going)

So watch out for my reviews… 🙂

ije jagbyeol insa | 이제 작별 인사  

(that was copied from Google translate of course… 🙂 )

2017 February Bookhaul

Yups i know, i posted my #FebruaryBookhaul a couple of days. I was thinking not to buy additional books coz i spent more than half-a-thousand-peso buying the first two books. But when i found this additional three books at Booksale where you can buy pre-owned books, i cant help it. I was just planning to buy GREY but upon looking around, i found this two books which are on my wishlist previous years, so i bought it. Lalalalalala…  ❤


#February2017Bookhaul is ❤ 🙂

So yups, that’s all i got for this month!

  1. The Hidden Oracle – Trials of Apollo Book#1 (BRANDNEW) from National Bookstore, Santiago
  2. A Game of Thrones – A Song of Ice and Fire Book#1 (BRANDNEW) from National Bookstore, Cauayan
  3. Grey – Fifty Shades of Grey add-on book (PRE-OWNED) Booksale Santiago
  4. The Escape – Henderson’s Boys Book#1 (PRE-OWNED) Booksale Santiago
  5. Eagle Day – Henderson’s Boys Book#2 (PRE-OWNED) Booksale Santiago


fiftyshadesdarkerposterWell… I was always curious about the movie adaptation of this series. And yeah, we did watch the movie last weekend with hubby. And as expected, I am a little bit dismayed because I was expecting too much on the movie.

Of course, there were these scenes I am looking forward to see on the movie and they did not include (insert sigh icon). I was also expecting about the Christian-sub-mode-scene to be highlighted, but they didn’t; Mia and Ethan love affair didn’t show-up too; and where’s Dr. Flynn?; they should also emphasized the i-am-home-safely scene of Christian from Charlie Tango’s crash; and the beating-Jack-Hyde of Taylor and Christian, I wish I’d seen it too… Well, let’s leave it that way because it ALWAYS happens on book-to-movie stories… So here are some things I want to share:

THE ACTORS: Their selection of actors/actresses is really amazing. Elena is somewhat surprised me. She’s prettier on the movie as I imagined on the book. And also Jack is good-looking as compared to what I’ve seen on my mind. And seeing Jamie as Christian again is still a mind-blowing, he’s still good-looking. But I found him more attractive on this movie. And Ana also is still so attractive.

THE SOUNDTRACK: Before going to the cinema, I have already a copy of the “Not Afraid Anymore” and “The Scientist” and “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever”. And they are great. I’ll be having the rest as soon as it will be released.

THE SCENES: You know what I am referring to. It’s good thing they didn’t include everything from the book. And they made it shorter this time. But it was a bit disturbing still watching such scenes with strangers. I feel awkward honestly. But I decided to go with it, so I faced the consequence.

TAYLOR: I think missed him on the first movie. So while reading the Fifty Shades Freed a couple of weeks ago, I’ve decided to watch the Fifty Shades of Grey movie for me to visualize Taylor while reading. And his appearance on the movies is too little, I wish I’ve seen him more. I adore him. And I like Mrs. Jones in this part. She’s so pretty. 🙂

FINAL SAY: The movie-adaptation is quite nice. At least they included the marry-me-scene on the boat house. On movie adaptation, it would be fair giving 3/5. Cant wait to see how will they make scenes on R8-racing-with-the-non-sub of book 3. And Phoebe and Ted and the honeymoon. Well, be looking forward with those scenes.

Still not recommended for young viewers.


135368602017READBOOK#02 | DATE FINISHED: February 4, 2017

I am still overwhelmed with the last pages of the book. I can’t write a review of this without spoiling you guys so please bear with me…

The marriage is expected… luxurious honeymoon and adventures and travels. So it’s a good honeymoon for the couple indeed. Ana’s stubbornness makes Christian mad at all times, but its working as he’s slowly turning to be a better man, yet still control freak. But Ana can still tolerate it, so it isn’t big issue after all.

There are lots of things to think about the last book. So there was new work for Ana or company, changing her name, meeting Leila and Sussanah, Dr. Geenee’s missed appointments, Ray’s accident, Jack Hyde, let’s not forget Gia, I really want this scene on the big screen. And there was the Aspen adventure. Mia and Ethan and Kate and Elliot, seriously? Three couples?!?! And to end the story, there was Ana saving Mia. She’s very brave to decide impulsively, but loving, indeed, coz she did care of the whole Grey family. Isn’t it amazing? The ‘talk’ as Ana calls it is really a revelation. So, Elena did good things for Christian afterall. But Linc action at the latter part is annoying. But can we blame him? And Christian’s revenge as acceptable, for me.

Well, the marriage as I’ve said is expected, but Ted and Phoebe is another story. I guess, I want to see how they make it emotional on the big screen.

The last part of Christian POV is entertaining, was thinking now if I’ll be reading the book. But for the meantime, I guess I need to jump on light reading because the gross-unending-sex-scenes still bothers me as of this moment. I read this last book less than a week, record breaking because I usually read a book minimum of two week, coz got a lot things to do. Work and paperwork and my-son’s-studies, so I am a slow-reader. But I was able to finish this shortly (for me), because I’ve skipped more than half of the book because it was just craps… So final rating? For the single book, story: 3/5; and writing 1/5. But for the whole series, it’s a different talk. Writing would be 1.5/5 and the story would be 3.5/5. That would be fair I guess, for an erotic book. So that’s it! I was able to read the trilogy. So bye Christian and Ana! See you on the big screen next time!


fifty_shades_darker_book_cover2017readbook#01 | Date Finished: January 27, 2017 

What can I say? Well? There should only be less than hundred pages for the whole story. The nice parts I should say. And the remaining half a thousand pages are just some crap. I’m sorry for being blunt. But it’s real. The grossness of the second book is far way than the previous book. So, another separate review for the story and writing again.

So the sex-scenes-grossness-level-up-is-another-story. In all chapters, seriously?!?! But then, what to expect on this genre of book? I had the guts to read because I don’t want to be lost-on-scene on the upcoming movie. And well, that ‘kilig-factor’ is still there. Buying a company just to watch over your love-one, well another level. ‘Because I can….’ just sweet! I just want to focus on the good side of the book, but I know it’s impossible. So let me try to write a review on both.

There’s a lot of things to digest on this book. So where to start? The good ones or the bad ones? I would start on the good ones, I guess. So there was the new work for Ana, the back-to-each-others-arms drama, the revelation of Christians past, the engagement-without-ring, Ethan and Mia, Elliot and Kathy going-strong-relationship, Grace-now-knows-everything… Ray and Christian cellphone talk. May I add The Grace voyage? Just disregard the love-making-scene on it, and it’s a perfect getaway for a couple like them I think. Let’s add the other heroes, aside from Taylor there was Sawyer and Ros… Hooray for these guys! And of course, the love confessions. Ana loves Christian, we know that since book one, but Christian admission is another big scene. And his willingness to-be-in-sub-mode is one sweet thing, on my point of view. And fort that, yeah I found it sweet.

So the bad ones… There was Leila. Creepy Leila and her connection to Ana and Christian’s mom and the other ex-subs. Really creepy. And there was Elena’s real feelings, or should I use intention, for Christian, it’s dismaying. I was then expecting they would be friends with Ana. And of course there was Jack! Poor Charlie Tango… Oh, what will he do on the third book? Well, I can’t wait to find out.

I should have summarize the whole book in a single book review, but then it would be a bad move coz I know some of the readers of this are maybe-planning-to-read this book too. So I just pointed out the things I want, for me to remember what happened on this before I jump on the third one. I know, I know my write-up is a mess, not just for this but also with the previous, but it’s because I don’t want to spoil the book for the sake of new readers. So please bear with me… And for rating, as ever .5 for the writing style and 3.5 for the story…. Yeah, so for now….? “Laters baby”… 🙂


61df-z3pjxl-_sx371_bo1204203200_You can’t read this awesome book without reading its prequel, PJ’s Greek Gods. And as much as you hate it, you can’t resist to compare how much happiness and wackiness you felt reading the said book. You can’t flip another page of this Greek Heroes without comparing it to Greek Gods. And sorry guys, but I laughed more on the first book. I dunno, maybe because on Greek Gods, it’s my first time to read Percy’s thoughts. And I was amazed and was under the spell of each page. But I didn’t feel the same on this Greek Heroes. But no no no no, I didn’t hate it. I still love the sequel.

On this book, each chapter still surprised me and mesmerized me. It’s not a new thing though, but I was expecting more on each pages. But how Percy wrote about everything is still marvellous. I fell inlove with Helios and Psyche love-affair though. And I still hate those gross scenes. And I felt a lil bit boring on the last two chapters because it consumed a what? More than fifty pages for a single hero? But it was Hercules and Jason afterall, so it’s not a big deal. I get tired of Hercules quests, really. Was looking for a good ending for him, though he still got it as his pages ended. So hooooray! And Jason’s own quests were awesome too.

I was just maybe expecting a better book like how Greek Gods moved me. But still, this awesome sequel is a hit, but book one is better. So final rating would be 3.5 stars… its almost 4 stars which means it’s a must-read books for Percy’s fans. Worth reading still for a Rick Riordan and Percy and modern mythology lover! 🙂


As i was saying, i’ve got no plan to buy any book for the month of April coz i have received brand new books last March. And so i did! I just bought three pre-owned books last May.


PELLINOR SERIES BOOK 3 and BOOK 4. Visit my bookstagram: @sheenhyuugaslibrary to see more 🙂

Although, this new set of books is bought yesterday, June 8, it is still considered as May Bookhaul coz its a birthday gift from my loving sister. Just celebrated my 27th birthday last May 31, and she decided to give me cash-gift coz i told her I got a priority list of books. Since A Song of Ice and Fire boxed set at the National Bookstore isnt already available when i visited the shop, i decided then to purchase these books. For at least, its all on my WISHLIST. So yeah, i’ll definitely start with The Lost Hero  as soon as I finish Glass Sword… 🙂


HEROES OF OLYMPUS Books 1, 3, 5 and The Lunar Chronicles Book2 Scarlet. Visit my bookstagram account for more @sheenhyuugaslibrary 🙂




15507958So what will I write on this review? Been thinking for days now on how to write review on this emotionally-wrecking-book. I was so excited then to watch the movie because of Emilia and Sam, coz I’ve been watching their separate movies and shows. And seeing them together in one movie is mind blowing.

The trailer itself is makin me chill and so I decided to grab a copy of the book. So maybe you know the story of this book and so I’ll directly write my review.

Well, it’s actually a bit-predictable book, but I still love it. There’s just one thing that troubled me and still troubles me. That travel to Switzerland. It’s frustrating. Why can’t he just stay in London and be like “oh… im so inlove and I will stay…” But well, Moyes way of thinking made the book and so be it.

Maybe I won’t be reading the sequel coz I feel so much in-love with Will. And if I were Lou, I’ll find it really hard to move on and find a new love. But her travel to Paris is a nice ending. The whole story is actually.

Won’t write any longer coz I just want you to read the book by yourself. Final rating? 4/5 stars. I’ll be watching the movie surely. Maybe it will make me cry… more.