Happy Mothers Day Momsy (2013)

Happy Mother’s Day!

“Though we’re all grownups, I know we’re still the precious kids you treasured and always will be. You are the perfect mom I’ve always known despite the imperfections people have seen in you. Thank you for everything you have given us. I love you very much ma, happy mother’s day!” – this was the text message i sent to her yesterday to our supah loving momsy! 🙂

We already have three little boys in the family, Niel Zeus, Mhar Cedric and Shawn Evan. These boys are already her new little angels, her grandchildren. We’re already grownups, our eldest Nathaniel, my older sister Mar Soleil and me. We already have our own lives, but still there she is, our mom. She remains the same as if we’re still her little kids. Very caring, loving, understanding, thoughtful… I can’t think of any negative things about her. She never fails us; she always gave her time to us.  She gave us everything, unconditionally. Meet our mom, Natividad Pajarillo – Villegas, the perfect mom!

ORIGINAL POST: http://sheenhyuuga.tumblr.com/post/49746531360/happymomsy2013


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