Bleachers (Book Review)

bleachersI am a huge fan of Grisham’s books… I have read already some of his books and since I got hooked on the first book I read, I decided to collect the rest. But I’m still on process….

Grisham made me cry on his novel “The Chamber”. I am inspired by “The Street Lawyer”, and for the second time, his fiction-book hit me at heart again. Coach Rake is such a realistic character. But what I admire the most about Coach Rake is his ability to motivate his SPARTAN players… He’s not the usual type of coach who praises his players, who always tells good things about their games. He’s brutal, heartless, unimaginable coach as can be, but deep inside, he’s such a good person who wants the best for his players

Neely Crenshaw is such a character. Im so much intrigued why he doesn’t want to return to Messina, most especially on Field Rake. Who doesn’t want to get back on a place where once you were treated as hero; the once his place he was worshiped; the once his place of victory; the once his place he was invincible; the once his place where dreams are not-just-a-dream but a reality?

I am so overwhelmed with the ending. The biggest question on Neely’s mind, and for the rest of the SPARTANS, did they loved or hated Coach Rake, is answered. They did hate Coach Rake, but they love him and always be loved by the Spartans and the Messina people… And they will be keeping the Field Rake as Coach Rake home forever…

I am so much having fun reading Grisham books since many of these are legal-fiction-books. Though I cant relate sometimes on his law-legal-court-terminologies, I still enjoy the reading since it was a high school dream for me to be a lawyer! This book is not a threat for me to stop reading his books though its not categorized to legal-fiction… But since I am more in-love and mesmerized on Grisham’s legal novels, Bleachers deserve a 3.5 from me!



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