Catching Fire

catching fireBOOK SERIES: The Hunger Games

BOOK TITLE: Catching Fire (Book#02)

More than two months now since ive finished reading this. Well, I really did made a way to read this since it will be seen on big-screen this coming November. And so far, Collins really made my mind goes up-and-down… The “Quarter Quell”… it’s the thing im really not expecting! And to be specific, Katniss to be on the arena again, that’s the biggest surprise for me. Im imagining Katniss and Peeta to be a mentor, maybe for Prim, yeah ive been expecting Prim to walk on the arena, and its good Collins didn’t make it happen on the story… I am so much in-love-to-death with Prim’s character and it will be frustrating to see her on oh-too-bad scenes on the arena, like Rue… Rue is the character I really can’t forget on the series.

And here comes the super “gwapo” (good looking) Finnick, oh girl, cant wait to see him on the screen (the actor is still unknown for me those days)… and when I found out his picture, yeah-right, perfect actor for the character… Johanna is another character for me to not-to-take-for-granted since she made a part on the story… Beetee, im amazed with his character. But Mags made me cry…

Tik-tok, Collins made the arena as clock! And that wows me much, im really not expecting it! Since I’ve finished the book, I cant wait to read the last book. After reading Gale’s line, “Katniss, there is no District Twelve…” and that’s it!!! Cant help to read the last book… But I was distracted by the HP so I read the first two books first, but as of now, im on Mockingjay!

Since Collins created the unexpected-scenes-to-be-read, though I was frustrated a lil’ bit on the last parts, when Katniss escaped, and so the story left hanging, that made me crazy-oh-so-crazy, sparking 4 stars for #CatchingFire and for #SuzanneCollins!



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