Mockingjay (Book Review)

mockingjayDismayed. Frustrated. Emotionally tortured. Unbeliever. I am. I was told this book will make me feel sick, and I am. I don’t know what to write for this book honestly… I can remember Cinna, the Prep Team, Boggs, Pollux and too-many-names to identify, and I feel sad. There is President Coin of Thirteen. And to mention that the president is a she, unbelievable. The existence of District Thirteen is a rated-five-star because how Collins made this happen is really amazing. Underground community, full weapon-and-ready-to-battle district, all-timed-plan for each citizen system, evacuation-center-towards-earth-core in case of emergency, a real big-big applause for it. And here, on the said district, the unknown-existing district since the Dark Days, is the headquarter of the people who are leading the rebellion. Where Katniss Everdeen transformed to a Mockingjay, the face of rebellion, and the face of hope for those who were hurt by the Capitol. She was made as soldier-for-the-sake-of-televised-scenes, where she wears Mockingjay suit that unexpectedly created by Cinna before he was killed before the Quarter Quell; and she was handed a high-end bow-and-arrow designed by Beetee. A four-star for this idea of Collins. She decided to be the Mockingjay, another piece of a game of whoever-it-is for the sake of other victors who were brought to the Capitol after she was escaped from the arena. She became the Mockingjay for Peeta, Johanna, Enobaria and Annie, aside from Buttercup-safety-with-the-Everdeens and hunting-session with Gale aboveground. Simple reasons, yet made complicated by Coin, which means, any reason Katniss backs-out and all of them will be dead. Three-stars for this! There are lots of scenes that made my brows rise that made me realize I’m giving in two-stars for this book:

Peeta, hijacked by Snow, and turned him to Katniss-hater-man. It’s a very sad and frustrating idea since Peeta is n-love-to-death with Katniss, then all of a sudden, he wanted to kill her and calling her as mutt? Silly… unbelievable and frustrating indeed; Finnick’s death. I was happy then for Finnick-Annie’s wedding. I wasn’t frustrated much on how Finnick dies, but I was frustrated why Collins needed him to die; and I’m on a big question why Collins created a nice-wedding scene then all of a sudden he will be killing one of them, it’s a flat for me, super frustrating; Boggs, his death also made me sad. Since he’s one of the character who really trusts Katniss, he doesn’t deserve to die, and for that another sigh for me;

And the most frustrating part, Prim. I was happy then since Collin didn’t make her a tribute. But she killed her the worst way! I really don’t expect that to happen. And for Buttercup-Katniss scene back on the District Twelve Victors’ Village scene, crying together for Prim, that’s the most emotionally-torturing part for me, and I can’t help myself to feel sad, like it really happens;

Gale. Gale… Gale… Gale… why did Katniss ended-up with Peeta? I really can’t get it since I really wanted Gale to be his love-story-ending since they were perfect for each other, and that Peeta-Katniss love-crosser-idea is really just for television audiences, and still Collin made it real! And for me that sucks, really; Coin’s death instead of Snow, on Katniss very own arrow… better; Plutarch, as the Secretary of Communication instead of Gamekeeper, GOOD! Since Hunger Games is eliminated because of Coin’s death and Paylor as the new President seems fine;

To sum-it-all-up, since I appreciated the story of the first two books of the series, I don’t know what will be my final rating for the last book. Mockingjay… intriguing, mesmerizing, unbelievably written by Collins, well, it’s a good story too for me, but it’s just that killing the characters frustrates me, specifically Prim. I’m still doubting to give a 2-star for Collins since she wrote well the series and it’s just the dead characters that made me doubt. And since I can’t make up my mind, and since .5 isn’t counted in rating and I am rating this book of 2.5, the final rating falls to three-stars… and that’s it!



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