The Philosopher’s Stone (Book Review)

HP1I’ve seen the movie before… I didn’t appreciate it honestly because of the video quality, and I didn’t understand the story at all because of the audio quality too. Since then, I promised myself I won’t watch any Harry Potter movie unless I’ll have the books to read. But then, I was able to watch it since almost everybody wants to see it. I love the scenes, but still I have this longing to read the series for me to understand it more. Its been so long… I’ve waited for coupla years to have my own copy of the book series (unlucky me, I have only the first four books as of now). But so far, I understood well the story. And I still want to read the next books though I was able to see the movies already, because I know there will be another good scenes on the book that are removed on the movie. And the fact that Harry Potter is a children’s book, I definitely want the whole set for my baby… It’s a reality that only the readers can make the scenes on the books so real and enchanting and perfect… So here I am, reading the second book of HP, and I know I’ll be reading a better, much much better scenes compared to the movie!



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