The Chamber of Secrets (Book Review)

hp2There are scenes on the movie that aren’t clear unless you finished watching… but it’s crystal-clear on the book. So I understand the story-how-it-is-going while flipping page to page.

And as I expected, a lot of good scenes was removed on the movie. I wish I had seen on the movie Professor Binns, but his part was replaced by McGonagall on Hermione’s questioning about the Chamber of Secrets; the Deathday Party of Nearly Headless Nick where Hermione, Harry and Ron attended too; more detailed conversation of Professor Snape and Harry and Ron after the flying-car-landing on the legendary whomping willow tree; Ginny’s scenes with Harry; the valentine treat of Lockhart; and a lot lot more… But what do we expect on book-based movie? The book is always far much better than movie, so I’m leaving it off…

I am so much annoyed with Gilderoy Lockhart character, indeed! Because I can picture Harry’s feeling everytime Lockhart comes around.Such a coward and boastful wizard should not be welcomed at Hogwarts… But he’s another funny part of the story, let there be a Lockhart! But honestly, Harry is not that perfect character for me (based on books). He’s also a lil’ bit arrogant boy, the way he talk to Colin; the way he talk sometimes to Hermione or Ron. But I guess it’s quite fine because in reality there’s no really an existing human who is really super nice, right? So Harry’s character is simply realistic (in the sense of attitude)…

The scene on the Chamber of Secret itself is such a good part of the story… Tom Riddle, Ginny, Harry Fewkes, Sorting Hat, sword… a real writer can only think of such scene! Clap clap clap for that perfect scene! Hagrid, Dumbledore, Dobby, Lucius (I cant help myself, laughing on the last part as Dobby threatens him), McGonagall, characters that really can’t forget! … Im also amazed with Arthur Wesley’s character! I love him… simple yet lovable father! Cheers for the full-blood Wesley! I really wanted to read immediately for the third book (Prisoner of Azkaban) but since I started Mockigjay (Hunger Games Book III of Collins), I should finish it first! But I’ll read ASAP the HP3… and for the addiction, I rate HP2 flickering 4 stars! 



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