The Society of S (Book Review)

societyHow will you live your life when secrets were kept from you? And only dreams tell you about your real personality at times? What if the secrets began to reveal where reality seems unreal?
Ari (Ariella Montero, the main character) is a twelve year old innocent girl with much on her mind. She had been with her dad who served as her tutor for school in Saratoga Springs. She is so much knowledgeable on everything with regards to literature, history, science and so on… But has a very little experience in the real world. Aside from her dad, she stays with their cook Mrs. McG and her dad’s assistant Dennis.
When her best friend was murdered, she decided to search for her mother who disappeared upon her birth. Looking for her mother gives her a consequence that she doesn’t know how to solve, losing her father… And she thought she can never be with the both of them… but she was wrong.
On her journey, she discovered her real personality. Personality she doesn’t want to accept. But she decided to continue her search until she found her mom. Meeting her mom makes the secret completely revealed… She doesn’t want to believe the truth but she must, because it’s the reality she’s seeking for her whole life. And after countless shocking revelations and travels… at the end, she stands on a place with her mom and dad. And together, her parents patently saved her from doubts by telling her the reality… that the three of them are VAMPIRES.

‘was really fascinated with the book. i guess i am so much attracted with vampire stories now, that any book featuring vampire will make me insane… but an honest answer, i appreciated this book. Susan Hubbard is a real talented person too… she knows how to twist the story. my concluded ending isn’t useless compared to the ending she made. juz thought this is a single novel, (lol) so now im looking for the sequel. who wants to lend me? =)



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