The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner (Book Review)

tssI was intrigued then about Bree, and so I need to buy a copy of the novella. Stephenie Meyer wrote her life in such a rush I guess… but since its only an add-on on her novels, I still appreciate it. Im lucky I can appreciate better the books than movies… And the fact that this novella never comes out yet on the big screen, I appreciate it! Im not that type of reader who doesn’t appreciate one of the books I’ve read. The fact that I consume some of my times reading a book, the author itself deserves my not-just-one-star rate since their book is still attention-catcher for me. A lil’ bit disappointed I am because the ending is such a sad one… I wanted to read a bit more about Riley and Victoria on the book, but since it focuses on Bree’s life, its enough for me. And for that, I rate it 3-star!



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