Stinger (Book Review)

stingerjust recalled… ive already read this book. and it was great. after reading this book, was able to buy two other books of Robert McCammon.

I did love “Dauphin” in the story.Β Can you imagine, a cute young girl acting that way… freaks me out. But then, living in a small sphere, where the real young girl stayed as the stinger invaded her lil body, is so cool… wanted to stay in such place even for a counted second. πŸ™‚

And the unity of the gangs, made the story thrilling too coz of a lil mix of love story.Β Well, i can still recall the unique story of the book but i cant give a longer detail for now.Β But reminding you people… such a great book! Im rating it 3! (coz im more amazed with vampire stories :p )


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