A Time To Kill (Book Review)

atimeHe’s such a good writer, and that’s why I am collecting his books to fill my bookshelf at home. This is his first book released, but this was the third book of him I read I guess… The Street Lawyer, then The Firm, and right, I’ve read it third on the list. Grisham really is read-till-the-end writer, I mean you won’t be able to put down his books because it’s always fill of thrill, excitement, controversy etc… that you want to discover the beginnings-to-endings of each mysterious-written-scenes.

This book must be read by countries that practices racism since it discusses clearly the effect of it. Imagine a little black kid raped by white-teen and yet justice-for-white-people prevails? That’s disgusting… and yes, the title is perfect! Have you ever thought when-or-what is the right time for you to kill anyone? Carl Lee, a portrait of loving father. He can do everything and anything for the sake of his family, his daughter Tonya (the little girl who was raped). I can’t question his principle in the killing James and Billy (the rapists), it’s a natural act of a parent. But I am not agreeing either in putting-justice-in-your-own-hand… and the effect of black-and-white-people war is presented, that many officials takes advantage-to like Rufus Buckley.

I never expect the happy-ending of the book honestly, since all scenes are reality-based. I’m expecting Carl Lee to be jailed because of killing the rapists. But Jake’s strategy in pointing-out-the-emotional-act of Carl Lee to the jury, AMAZING!!!! A biased-strategy I can say but effective, since the jury agreed they’ll do the same Carl Lee did to protect their little girls… An emotional book of Grisham!!! And for that, another 4 stars!!!

ORIGINAL POST: https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/711182637


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