The Chamber (Book Review)

thechamberAdmiring the story of The Street Lawyer, where Michael Brock (the lead role) quits his work and decided to be poorly-paid-attorney for the sake of homeless people, here comes another character of Grisham, Adam Cayhall who did the same thing, in different reason, to fight for anti-death-penalty law… This book is so dramatic since it tackles family-unity-issue. I admire really Adam, despite all the stories he heard about his granny, he didn’t hesitated to help him until the last hour. I really cried on the scene where Sam Cayhall places on the chamber and gassed to death… The book also discusses the reality in not-just-Western-court-system, but it relates to the general justice-system worldwide where it shows the mistakes-where-real-convicts-lives and innocent man is jailed… But, the book not simply shows us the reality of our justice-system, but it opened our eyes that even government officials are involved in different crimes undoubtedly and still they are called Officials. But in the end, Grisham always shows us that there are still people to be trusted, people to be called as hero… Hero in their own ways, like Adam and Michael. And still, flickering four stars for Grisham!



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