BOOK-SERIES-TO-HAVE: Enders Quartet by Orson Scott Card

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Book addict, I am. Dunno why every movie I love is book-based. And so if I decide to read the book I always feel “duh” coz the movie is so different in books… HARRY POTTER, TWILIGHT SAGA, THE LORD OF THE RINGS, THE HUNGER GAMES, (but THG Director is doing a good job as far as I know, as of now)… Those are the books piled on my shelf, and so i know its much better than the movies… But I can’t compare yet the movie version of DIVERGENT SERIES, A SONG OF FIRE AND ICE, CHRONICLES OF NARNIA (i only have the Book 1 of CON yet) since I haven’t read all of it… But I forgot to search on “Enders Quartet” since I only watched the movie last year and i forgot to visit my Goodreads for a coupla months… and it’s just now that it was added to my “next-to-buy-and-read” list… But as soon as I’ll find a copy, I’ll make sure to read and finish the whole series in short period of time to write my review on the book and on the movie-adaptation as well… So hoping to have a copy as soon as possible.



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