A-Thought: Once Upon A Time (Season 1)

While I’m on my days of reading Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods, I’m also on Once Upon A Time – Season One… and it made think “my childhood is a lie”, an excerpt from 9GAG photo (lol) – because on the TV series, fairy tales is told in different way. So it was RUMPELSTILTSKIN after all, he is the villain of all villains, and not the Evil Queen… and the casts, uhm, fine-oh-fine… Prince Charming is a real charming (wink wink). And that Sheriff Graham Humbert played by Jamie Dornan is a real hunk, too bad he’s on the evil side as of on the episode I’m watching.

The writers… I like them. They know how to make a good, very good, twists… connecting fairyland and real world.. I can’t wait to finish the first season. Soon, I’ll be posting my review too for the whole season… Gotta go for now. I’m just done with my lecture preparation for my class, so its reading time for PJ’s Greek Gods before goin home… 🙂


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