MOVIE#02: The Fault in Our Stars

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Your child wants to go in a place where her dreams can come true… how happy you are for her, but unfortunately you can’t send her… That’s it! TORTURING.

Isaac and Hazel pre-eulogy is, yeah sooo sad. It’s the first time to see a scene like that.

Yeah, it made me feel sad on Gus letter to  Van Houten… writing his eulogy for Hazel, expecting she’ll die first. The message is yet sweet, but didn’t move me, sorry.

A speech on your love-one’s funeral… FRUSTRATING. Thinking that you’re the first one to leave him, thinking that it’s you who’ll die first, and he’s just gone… Just gone.  Another painful moment. But I didn’t cry on Hazel’s speech for Gus coz it doesn’t make sense. No interesting part at all (on the movie, dunno in book).

So they say it’s a cryfest movie, but for me it’s not. Maybe because I didn’t read the book. Or maybe because im not a teen anymore… I was like ‘ah, the mother-daughter relationship is much interesting than the love-affair’… Sorry, again. I just watched it the other day coz all I thought I can’t handle to watch it on cinema… But it’s a good thing I didn’t spend my money for movie ticket coz it didn’t move me ‘much’… Well sorry for the ‘movie fans’, but I guess I need to read the book for me to write a review on the book itself not on movie.

But, yeah the love story is good… For they believe in love and fell inlove despite their situation… and believing that dreams can come true… That you rather be remembered by only few because they love you… so that’s all I can say I guess… But I’ll try to read the book for me to appreciate the story, maybe… ‘OKAY?’ 🙂


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