MOVIE#03: If I Stay

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As I read some reviews on Goodreads, it’s like “okay… I get it. It’s a good book. Just good.” And base on its Wikipedia summary, it seems fine, just fine. But on the movie, I feel bored… because maybe I watch it right after watching the #TFIOS… But If I Stay storyline is simply good… Good enough coz it’s on teenage lovestory, also discusses family relationships, and this longing or doubt to live or just accept death of the main character Mia, it’s the scene that maybe, just maybe, made it a good story.

Okay, so Mia is in coma, cause by car accident including with her whole family. And she is in thinking whether to get back to life, to be with her guy Adam, and bestfriend Kim other relatives who really love her… Or she’ll just accept death to be with his dad and mom and brother. Well, that’s a tough decision, right? But because of love and friendship and good-family-relationship, she decided to get back to life and stayed. So, she stayed to continue her new life with the rest of the characters… That’s it. But, honestly I would like to read the book, to see the difference. Because we all know, books are far better than movies, and so im giving it a shot… So I’ll be reading it together with its sequel “Where She Went”… Adam’s side… 🙂


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