TV SERIES: Once Upon A Time (Season 1)

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Finally, I’m done watching the whole season… It’s just a late post, sorry. The writers are awesome and good and great and unbelievable… See how they made twists connecting the fairyland and the real world, that’s marvelous… I wish I can write like them too, coz I’m a frustrated writer too you know.

Prince Charming and Snow White finally remembered everything, all the characters in fact with the help of Emma of course. But sorry for what happened to Henry, poor little boy. But at least her mom’s true-love’s kiss gets him back to life… And as I thought, Emma would save him from the apple’s poison, from the Evil Queen Mayor Regina, like Maleficent who kissed Beuty on ‘Maleficent’ movie… mother’s love is true love…

Rumplestiltskin experiences made me feel sorry for him. Now I understand why he is acting the way he is now… Poor dad. And where the hell is Bae, in the other side?!?! Oh come on, show him to me!!!!

And the Evil Queen story is another frustrating part… Genie… and all the villains… so they became bad because they fall in-love… that’s all. They fall in-love and they would do anything and everything for the sake of love… Love then is a poison… hahaha…

And there comes Pinochio on the later parts, who wanted to make everything right… all I thought he was the real son of Gold / Rumplestiltskin… So that’s making me feel insane now and intrigued. But I’ll find the answer soon on Season 2, I guess… 🙂

The curse is broken, Gold found Belle, August stayed with his dad Marco, memories came back to all of them… and there was Gold urge to make everything’s right, but he failed. Another intriguing scene that won’t allow you to stop on the season 1… I can’t write everything, I just will after the Season 2 and Season 3… For now, that’s all. I don’t want to be a spoiler, lol…


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