MOVIE#04: Annie

We happened to watch the trailer of this movie last year in cinema, and then I, with my hubby said “we need to watch this…” And sorry guys, it’s a lil bit late that the said movie was released in our place. Originally, we’ll be watching Taken 3, but since it’s a family movie date, we decided to watch Annie… My son who is 3 years old is with us…

The opening scene itself is a BOOOOM! Coz I know who the real Annie, Quvenzhané Wallis, is. And it made me smile, so soon, when the instructor called for Annie B… and it started with a musical scene. I’m not so in love with musical scenes, except for the HSM when I was teen, but the first music of the movie catches my attention… and oh girl, I and hubby wanted to have the whole OST on our collection. So all in all, the music is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars… Its Cameron’s character, Colleen Hannigan, of singing that slashes .5 on my rating, sorry…

The story. Well, it’s a typical story… But dunno why I still appreciated and loved it. Maybe because it has a lil bit of drama where it focuses on a kid… When you’re a mom, your point of view changes, I tell you. And my hubby, who’s not a fan of drama, appreciated it too. Maybe coz we’re both parents now. Annie’s cleverness is such a cute character, indeed. And Will, Jamie Fox, character is another typical thing on movie, but he still moved me. And his love-story with Grace, Rose Byrne, well sorry, it’s a fault for me. They don’t look fine together, swear. But their love story seems fine.

I don’t wanna be a spoiler, so I won’t tell any other scenes. But if I were you, you gotta watch it guys. Its worth it… So my overall rating, as in all in all is 4 stars out of 5. Watch and you’ll never regret!


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