Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods (Book Review)

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ggTITLE: Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods
SERIES: Percy Jackson and the Olympians Supplementary
AUTHOR: Rick Riordan

DATE OF READING: January 08- 26, 2015

Its a good book to start my reading this year!!! HOORAY!!

First excerpt review: “there was Chaos who made Gaea who married Ouranos who’s children are the Titans and Cyclopes and Hundred-Handed Ones… and the youngest Titan Kronos, who married the youngest girl Rhea who gave birth to Zeus and others proclaimed as ‘better version’ of Titans, who are now the Gods and Goddesses… (clap clap). Riordan created a better writer than him, Percy! :)”  65/404 16% of the book

Second excerpt review:  “Okay so there we go… and Hades, and Hermes, and Zeus, and Poseidon, and a lot, I mean a lot of princesses and girls, and abductions, and revenge… Hera, and sea creatures, and underworld events, and ashes, and magic, and curses, and ‘little’ war… and there he was ‘ACHILES’, and his parents Thetis and Peleus… There was this guy Sisyphus (what a funny name)… And ZEUS almost died? I mean, literally he won’t die, but he almost lose his power, hahahha… (clap clap clap) and treachery… OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN?!?! Just kidding, almost, Zeus was kicked-out in his kingship… hahaha… not bad for the middle pages of the book!!”  226/404 55% of the book.

I’ve been wondering for a long time now who was more powerful? TITANS or GODS/GODDESSES?!? Sorry, this is the first Mythology book I read. And thanks Mr. Halfbloodcamp for answering that thought. Yeah, I have the “Mythology Book of Edith Hammilton”, and I’ve planned to read it to learn stories of Mythology, but sorry it’s a bad intro for me so I stopped. I am a fan of Percy Jackson, the movie, and so I need to have the book series, and thanks to a friend who gave me the whole series.

So, I don’t want to be a spoiler to those who’ll be reading this marvelous book, so I’ll be careful on telling info about the characters. (*wink wink). But I need to enumerate the things you should look forward:

#1: Mr. CampHalfBlood

Rick Riordan is simply amazing. He uses words our generation, I mean teen generation, could understand. And oh im sorry, he’s Justin Bieber hater, that he categorized JB’s visitation as ‘natural disaster’… J

#2: Percy Jackson vs. Rirck Riordan

The book tells stories about the Gods and Goddesses on Percy Jackson’s POV. And so the writer is Percy Jackson. And honestly, Rick Riordan made a rival, am I right?!?! And that’s Percy… Hahaha. I like the way how this book is written… It made you think that you are really listening to Percy’s talking. And to imagine how pretty this demigod is, what else can you do? You are hypnotized and you cannot stop from reading till the last page.

#3: What about the Gods/Goddesses?

Uncle Rick let us know the many ‘love interests’ or fling-stories of the Gods and Goddesses. And that uhm yeah, that they are sometimes, or most of the time ‘GROSS’. I don’t know how many times he did warn the readers that the following scenes would be gross… and they are. He let us know that Gods/Goddesses are really dangerous and hard-headed and hard-to-get-along-with and simply not-to-be-idolized-type. And they are careless and selfish and irrational. And all negative attitudes you think exists, they are. But don’t worry, sometimes they’re nice too, I mean some times…

#4: The Characters

It’s a good thing that each chapter tells a story of one God / Goddesses. You will understand where they came from. Yeah I use ‘where’ not ‘who’ because some of them existed without any parents… Like Aphrodite and Hephaestus. Sorry, I stated names. You will know why they became that bad or good. Who they fell-inlove with. What made them a hater. What are they sacred plants and animals and places. You will learn all of these in a single chapter. Is it not amazing?!?! You’ll be mesmerized when you read it.

#5: The Illustrations

Yeah, John Rocco is indeed a good artist. I only have the Paperback edition, but the illustrations on the middle pages are still amazing. How much more with the Hardbound? And the cover itself is such a masterpiece. Clap clap clap for that.

And maybe, that’s it. I am blown-away and hypnotized and enchanted. Like Uncle Rick placed a spell on each pages… So all in all, im rating it as 4.5 stars… I’ll be waiting for the Greek Heroes! 🙂


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