TBR List: Entry#01

I decided to create my TBR List because a lot of books are coming… ‘Divergent Trilogy’ came last night, which is another gift from a friend Nikki and her sister Gelli. So the original plan of finishing the ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians’, straight, is to be postponed for the meantime. Since Insurgent, Divergent Book #2, will be hitting the big screen this April I need to read it first so I won’t be guessing what will happen. But of course I’ll be starting with the Book 1. Since I’ve already started Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, I need to finish it soon. It’s my second time to read it, and the first time I didn’t finished it so I don’t want to disappoint myself again, so it’s a must to finish it before moving to Divergent Trilogy. So here’s my listing:

Divergent Trilogy by Veronica Roth |  KT Books Paperback International Edition :) Given by Nikki and Gelli as gift. How lucky girl I am, right? :) <3 Percy Jackson and the Olympians | Author: Rick Riordan | Edition: Disney Hyperion Paperback Edition | Thanks to a friend named Jennifer :) <3

  1. The Lightning Thief, Percy Jackson and the Olympians Book #1
  2. Divergent, Divergent Book #1 (February 7 – March 7, 2015)
  3. Insurgent, Divergent Book #2 (March 7-15, 2015)
  4. Allegiant, Divergent Book #3 (March 15-30, 2015)
  5. The Sea of Monsters, Percy Jackson and the Olympians Book #2 (March 30 – April 4, 2015)
  6. The Titans Curse, Percy Jackson and the Olympians Book #3 (April 4-18, 2015)
  7. The Battle of the Labyrinth, Percy Jackson and the Olympians Book #4 (April 18 – May 13)
  8. The Last Olympian, Percy Jackson and the Olympians Book #5 (May 13-18, 2015)

So most of the time, I’ll be consuming the year with Mr. CampHalfBlood, I guess. So cheers with that! 🙂


3 thoughts on “TBR List: Entry#01

  1. lovebooksandblush says:

    The Percy Jackson series is great! I’ve only ever read the first Divergent book, but I have the trilogy. I’ll have to finish the second book before the movie comes out, like you. Anyway, happy reading! Nice post.

    Liked by 1 person

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