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JOMARI YLLANA TINAWAG NA PINAKATANGANG PRESIDENTE SI PNOY. If this is a true statement of the actor Jomary Yllana, then he is displaying his own personality.

This is one of the disadvantages of this thing called ‘Freedom to Express.’ I myself is not a Pro-Aquino, but I can’t be one of those who curse them. The fact that he is the President of the Philippines, he should get respect from Filipino citizen as well. Okay, let’s admit, he didn’t do the right thing this time. He is still human, he’s not perfect, and we all are not. Instead of bashing and dragging him to scandals, why can’t we just do our own part to be a good Filipino citizen?  Instead of talking about this event, why can’t we just move on and pray our country? It already happened. Our heroes did their job, and let’s try to fulfill ours.

‘Impeachment Trial’ is again a word we encounter on news and social media and the like. Can’t we just wait for the President to finish his term? For in fact it’s one more year. Let’s give him his last chance to prove that he can still make the ‘Tuwid na Daan’ work with his fellow officials. If he can’t, then let’s not vote for him the next time. Will the Impeachment do good about what’s happening now, or would it be create another dishonor and anarchy to our country?

Let’s be a model to younger citizens. Let’s make our part. Be a good Filipino. We can make it in our little way. God bless us all.


4 thoughts on “ON PNOY HUMILIATION

  1. Nick Sanchez says:

    I totally agree with you on this one. Many people have joined the bandwagon of hate and anger towards what happened with our brave 44. Many have expressed their sympathies. But it has already happened. True, if it were us in the shoes of their families, we would have more intense reactions, but we have got to let go.


    • sheenhyuuga says:

      Thanks. According to some, Pnoy already talked to the family before the Mourning Day. And only the families of the 44 heroes would know what happened exactly. So we can’t blame the President if he didnt appeared during the arrival, because he had something to attend to. But lets all be rational and practice the benefit of the doubt. Afterall, the meeting he attended to may also be a help to other Filipinos.


  2. Kath says:

    I’m also not a pro-Aquino but I agree with you. Some are just using this incident and pretend that they really know what is happening even if they don’t. It’s not wrong to express what or how we feel but we should not forget to respect others. Maybe Jomari is planning to run for a position and he’s trying to get some attention and sympathy.


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