TV SERIES: Once Upon A Time (Season 2)

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The beginning of Season 2 is another episode not to take for granted… But the second episode is the episode you don’t want to reject… And so, Charming regained his power, as the prince, not the magic… and Regina’s story is retold as her mom, Cora, story is revealed… The whole town started to live their lives as normal Storybrooke citizens. Regina is starting to have her conscience back, returned Henry to David… But Snow and Emma remained on Enchanted Forest, the fairy land… And here’s the worst, they met Cora… so the episode is getting more intense than ever… Snow and Prince wedding as Prince’s mother is dying, it made me cry… And here, I didn’t see it coming… Lancelot is dead and Cora disguised as he from the beginning, oh come on… And as I’m on the other episodes, im just uhm totally blown-away. It’s really a must-seen-series because it will affect you that much. I’m starting to love Hook, coz he’s just handsome as he can be and I got a crush on him. What he does in this season is a big help. And so they’re right, I’m starting to hate Belle/Lacey… And there was this human-normal couple who betrayed Bae, poor Bae/Neil, who on the third season revealed as servant of this another antagonist. Oh come on, the writers really know how to make a big and crazy and effective twists. It worked on me. Their spell worked one me. Yaaay, so as of now I’m still on Episode 3 or Season 3 and its starting to kick me off from work.. hahaha… Sorry. I’m into book-reading (Divergent by Veronica Roth this time) and TV series (OUAT S03) and writing (reviews and blogs) at the same time. So good luck to me! 🙂


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