The Lightning Thief (Book Review)

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Second chance and I made it. I’ve been reading this book 2 or 3 years ago after the movie was released. But since I am disappointed for the missing characters on the movie, I decided to stop. And it’s a good thing a friend named Jennifer gave me her whole series as a gift. She’s not a reader, so the whole set was just another pile in her room I guess.

Why do I need to rate this book a shimmering 5? A lot of reasons.

Encountering Greek Gods and Goddesses in our time is a weird thing but good idea, right? And having this camp for demigods is a splendid idea. Imagine that half-god-half-human thing? They are the DEMIGODS, for those who didn’t know yet. And the existence of HALF BLOOD HILL is really a splendid idea.

Well, there’s so much to write how good this book is, that made me feel lightheaded to think every bit of it. There’s a thief, the lightning bolt, mom-and-son-relationship, sacrifices, love, trust, friendship, companionship, revenge, betrayal, selfishness, mist, horrors, mystery, monsters, gods, goddesses, places, quest, responsibilities and a lot of things. I would like to enumerate what I like about those but it will turn out to be a ‘SPOILER POST’ so I would just leave those words float on your mind like Annabeth and Percy experiences.

It’s a great help too that I finished “Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods” first before reading this book. I got no vagueness at all on Medussa’s character, or Ares’, Hera, Cupids, Hades, Hermes, Athena, Zeus, Poseidon, Hephaestus, and others. The ‘Greek Gods’ explained every detail of them, so I didn’t lose track, I guess? Lol.

But unluckily, though im so much inlove with this book, I need to rate it below 5 because of two reasons.

#1: MOVIE ADAPTATION. Rick Riordan allowed this book to be aired as movie, and the movie staff changed major scenes. Arch scene, Clarrisse and Percy’s fight, Luke physical appearance, Mr. D, minotaur-chasing-the-car-scenes, Thalia and Luke and Grover and Annabeth journey to Half Blood Hill, Lotus Casino scenes, Percy’s dreams, Ares and Percy fight scene, Percy and Annabeth and Grover confrontation with Hades, Luke-and-Percy-and-the-scorpion, and a lot more… Characters and scenes are missing on the movie (dismayed), it’s just too sad not to see those scenes. Which I feel, the movie totally changes the storyline. L  It’s a good thing then that we love more the books than movies. We’ve seen the written scenes in our minds, where amazing scenes that only readers can make it possible and visual. And that’s incomparable.

#2: PERCY IS JUST A KID. Percy is too young for these quests. And so I feel bad about him. For that early age, he loses his mom and needed to be brave to get her back. His life as student is something to worry about. I can’t imagine how he made it but he just did of course with some guardians and friends. But what if he’s a lil bit older? I mean come on he can be 15, 16 or 17. He’ll be a more mature character then… But the story won’t be better maybe if that’s the case. Well, just a lil bit troubled with that thought.

But it’s all up to Uncle Rick, right?  He knows far better than us, so let it be like the way he wants it to. And so, it will be rated as 4 stars. Not bad at all. I love the story itself and Mr. CampHalfBlood. But sorry Percy, ill be joining your journey some other time. I’ll be getting out from the Mythology world for the meantime and meet Beatrice Prior from the dystopian world of Divergent. See you next time Perseus Jackson. And I hope you’ll grown a lil bit then 🙂


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