ORIGINAL DATE OF REVIEW: February 10, 2014

I’m aloof to love story movies since it always didn’t reach me expectations. I’m a lil bit hesitant too of watching Nicholas Sparks’s movie adaptation coz of the emotional torture I experienced on watching ‘A Walk to Remember’ and ‘The Notebook’. Those two are some of my ALL-TIME-LOVE-STORY-FAVORITE which also includes ‘If Only’ and ‘Sweet November’. Some teens now maybe can’t recognize some of these, but those are the movies that really moved me. And literally made me shed a tear.

When ‘The Best of Me’ movie trailer is released, I’ve been thinking then to watch or not to watch the movie. Coz knowing Mr. Sparks as a novelist, I’m sure he made this book a cryfest. I decided not to watch the movie. But some friends kept telling me I should watch it. And so I did.

Honestly, I haven’t read the book yet but I have already an idea about the storyline, (thanks Wikipedia), and so I know it’s a sad love-story again. So I gave myself a chance to watch it. I’m really a fan of Nicholas Sparks, it’s just that maybe I’m getting annoyed coz of the parents-intruding-their-children-relationship and this economic-status-gap. I just hate when two people is so inlove with each other and there their family keep on telling they‘re not for each other. Isn’t that annoying? But, since its Mr. Sparks story, you can’t stop yourself to fall in love with the lines the characters are saying. And yeah, it made me cry… Tuck’s character is so admirable. Dawson as teen character is a lil bit funny. And Amanda aggressiveness is fine… Dawson and Amanda closure conversation, after 21 years, is so emotional, and that scene made me shed a tear. The ending is so frustrating that really made me feel sad, that makes me think if I can watch another movie again by Sparks. But I think I still will… Coz I know, his writings are realistic. So I still love to collect his books. And I will read ‘The Best of Me’ as soon as I got chance, coz I know it will be more emotional than the movie. So wish me luck!

Final rating for the movie: 3.5 stars, coz I know it’s different from the book. I’ll rate the book after reading! 🙂 😉


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