Finn and Jake

I never experienced to have this kind of stuffs when I was a kid. I grew up with simple toys. And yes, this toy here is classified now as ‘simple’ but wayback when I was a kid, this kind of toy cost so much. My mom is a public teacher, during those days the salary is just enough for common needs, and so she didn’t spoiled us with extra things. That’s the reason why I want to give my son, Shawn Evan, who is 3years old now, the things I never experienced. So yeah, I am working hard to give him all things his needs, and some ‘extra things’ that will not spoiled him… much 🙂

I am just lucky coz my son is such a cute and active kid. He’s into Cartoon Network, and Hero channel, and loves to play educational apps… Don’t worry; we’re always supervising him while doing such stuffs. Some parent’s maybe is disagreeing with me, but we’re on techy generation so let’s allow the kids to enjoy too… He’s not just hooked with devices and toys; he’s also active in playing games that requires motor skills. He’s playin basketball too, marbles, tops, and the likes… So I guess it’s a balance playing hobby so I am not worried.

So as long as those things won’t harm him in any way, and I can give it, I will… That’s parents’ responsibility right. So I just hope we, parents, will do our bests to give the best for our children 🙂


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