Ultimate Dream-Book-Series-To-Have: The Chronicles of Narnia


I’ve wanted to have the whole series of “The Chronicles of Narnia” ever since. I can buy books, yeah, but this one is too expensive… I was able to purchase ‘The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe’ Full Color Collector’s Edition, at Booksale Santiago, bookshop that sells second hand books. I was hoping then to purchase the remaining books, but unluckily they closed. And so I lose hope in having the remaining six books.

As of now, this is my Series Book Collection. I also have the Harry Potter Book 1-4, which also purchased on the same bookshop. But out of luck, the last three books were not available and so I wasn’t able to complete the HP Series.

Camera 360

  • Twilight Saga + Bree Tanner’s Story
  • The Lord of the Rings + The Hobbit
  • The Hunger Games Trilogy
  • Divergent Trilogy
  • Percy Jackson and the Olympians + Greek Gods

But I think I can complete the CON in no time… Hoping 🙂 If I’ll have those book, then maybe ill stop to buy… for the meantime! 🙂


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