DIVERGENT (Book Review)

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Series Title: Divergent | Book Title: Divergent (Book#1) | Author: Veronica Roth | EDITION: KT International Edition | Status: Owned

Its awkward to say but… I feel like a teen who’s fallin in love with Four! Hahahaha… Sorry. I’ve seen the movie in cinema last year. But before it hits the big screen I was planning then to read because it’s similar to THG. But as of the moment, im sorry THG fans but im one of you, im lovin Divergent more than THG. I was able to read the THG Trilogy, and the scenes between my super crush Liam Hemsworth as Gale and JLaw as Katniss made me smile but not as I did on Divergent. Maybe because I just like Theo James. But Four and Tris did! And don’t know the reason why… J

Well, let’s get back to the story. And there were these factions: AMITY for peace lover people, ERUDITE for the intelligent, ABNEGATION for selfless, CANDOR for honest people, and DAUNTLESS for the brave ones. And blah blah blah… You know what’s next right? Each individual belongs to one faction not to be a factionless… But the story started when the main character who is Beatrice is to be found as DIVERGENT, which means she can be with any faction in her choice.

Well, most of us know already how the story goes. So I’ll just lay down the reasons why I love and hate, but not much, this Book#1 of Divergent Series:

#1: THE NAMES. Yeah, I love the main characters name. The real name and the nickname. Beatrice and Tris. Simply good selection of names. And that Tobias which is pronounced as ‘Tobyas’ here in the Philippines, but said as ‘To-bias’ in English, that made me smile. But those names including ‘Four’ portray exactly how brave the characters are. So praise to names selection of Veronica Roth!

#2: THE STORY. How on earth did Veronica thought of such things? Factions. New World. Family. Manifestos. Beliefs. Technology. Unity. And that Dauntless headquarter. The train scenes. It’s amazing. I was inlove then on Suzanne Collins on her creation of District 13, but in Roth’s five worlds? I am blown-away! Clap clap clap clap…

#3: FOUR AND TRIS. As I was sayin a while back, the scenes between them makes me feel teen. I can’t help but to smile every time I’m on their scenes. Maybe because I can see Theo and Shailene on my mind while reading, and yeah I found them attractive, both of them. Or maybe because I just admire how they like each other in spite of the place they’re staying.

#4: THE SCENES. Zipline scenes, where Uriah and Zeke ask Tris to join them; Simulation where Tris and Four went together; Ferris wheel, that’s when I started to be attached on Four-Tris love story; First kiss scene; Tris and her mom reunion; Four got drunk; And as Four stares Tris while she’s holdin Will’s hand… hahahah, jealousy! That’s it! And a lot more… J

#5: BRAVERY. As Tris gave up everything and faced the challenges of her choice, that’s a good thing. It just became bad because she left her family. But as her mom understands what she did, it was fine with me.

#6: FAMILY and LOVE. Faction before blood was the motto of this book. But Tris family chooses to stay with their family before fact. That makes this book lovable to me. That family is much important than responsibility.

What I don’t like:

#1: PETER, ERICK, JEANINE. Those are the people whom I hate in this part. You know, you’ll find out why if you want to. But I don’t like it to come from me because I just hate them that much to tell why. Sorry… and yeah Marcus too!

#2: INITIATION. Fighting with a comrade? Fault! But they need to, to be an official Dauntless member. And the discrimination on the first part of Dauntless-inborn and Transfers… Hmmmm what can I say? But I like the flag-finding though!

#3: DEATH. Death of Tris love-ones… That’s it! It’s just sad… Too sad. And Roth made Caleb stay! Thanks to that!

Expectations: I’ll be on Uriah and Zeke and Johanna… I’ll be focusing to them on the Insurgent. And with Marcus too! And Jeanine! It should be sweeter scenes with Four and Tris, hoping!

And wrapping it up, im givin it 4 stars out of 5!!! J I can’t wait to finish the second book and jump in to Allegiant and finish the whole series! Wish me luck guys!


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