Book Search Wednesday#01

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I’ve decided to create my own event now coz I envy those book lovers who have the same… And so since Wednesday is the only day that I think I am not busy enough at work and at home, so it will be the scheduled day for book searching and haunting… And here is the first list:


SERIES TITLE: Divergent (Supplementary Book) | AUTHOR: Veronica Roth | YEAR OF PUBLISHED: 2014

Since I’m still on the Insurgent (Divergent Book#2), I am planning to grab a copy of this. Though it gathers some bad reviews on Goodreads because it came out just after the Allegiant has ended, I still want to read it. I’m still on Four’s spell so I will take the chance to read it though. I hope I can get a copy before finishing the Allegiant so it will be read immediately. 🙂

#2: Fairytales for Wilde Girls

AUTHOR: Allyse Near | YEAR OF PUBLISHED: 2013 | GENRE: Fantasy, Young Adult

I’ll give a shot to add this new author (for me, since I haven’t seen her name before) because the title itself catches my attention. And I’ve been to dystopian world and mythology for so long, so I want a new one. But of course, this book needs to wait for a coupla months I guess… So new book on my TBR list I guess… 🙂

#3: Huntress

AUTHOR: Melinda Lo | YEAR OF PUBLISHED: 2011 | GENRE: Fantasy, Young Adult

I’ve been so in-love with books portrays young lady’s bravery. And this book added magic world and adventures… And so maybe I’m givin this a try on my list too.  And the character is Chinese, lalalala, Asian character girl, so its worth tryin for i guess… 🙂


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