Insurgent (Book Review)

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Series Title: Divergent | Book Title: Insurgent (Book#2) | Author: Veronica Roth | EDITION: KT International Edition | Date of Reading: March 7-15, 2015| Status: Owned

I hate myself that I scanned and read the last pages of Allegiant… And that kept me uneasy as of now… And ‘Beating Heart’ by Ellie Goulding is the only music on my playlist as I write this review… I am not trapped on Roth’s world, I am not… 🙂

So, let’s get this started. Insurgent is full of frustrations and surprises and doubts and curiosity and expectations and failures and a lot of things. Tris can be compared to the bravest girl as for me because she went through it all on that age. Well Veronica Roth made me sleepless nights. I can’t recognize anymore what I love and hate on this part, but I’ll just write what comes on my mind first.

#1: FACTIONS. So Tris went to all factions place. She’d been to Amity and Candor and Erudite. Then she’d been to Abnegation again and back to Erudite. She was able to see the differences of each faction. Literally, she showed us the five world created by Roth.

#2: FACTIONLESS. It surprised me that factionless are in vast number. And with them, stayed most number of Divergent. Well, what do we expect? All undecided falls on their faction, thus some Divergent chose to.

#3: MARCUS. I hated him since Divergent. But I don’t know then if I still do in this part. But as I was thinking, he had nothing to do with Jeanine’s plan so maybe I’ll better like him then coz he played a good role in answering the mysteries. But I still don’t agree on Tobias violent-belt-scene-on-Amity-cafeteria… Though it is perfectly planned, I can’t agree with it, sorry.

#4: CHAPTER THIRTY-THREE. Yeah, I’ve memorized the chapter and even folded it, I don’t do folding of pages on my books, but I did it coz this chapter is crazy! Crazy because I didn’t expect anything on it! How Tris defeated Jeanine is something to be remember, right? So 5 stars for this chapter!

#5: PETER. All of us hated this guy I know. But you’ll definitely like and love him on this part. I just don’t like his reasons on doing that ‘big thing’ for Tris, but it’s still a ‘big thing’ and so I thanked him for being a Candor-Dauntless member. And he did what he did because he still thinks of his former faction.

#6: CHARACTERS. Johanna and Zeke and Uriah… Marlene and Tori and Edward and Evelyn… Evelyn, maybe she’ll be my most-hated-character. A lot of reasons. For being rude to Tris, for being ambitious, for being Tobias’ mother. I just don’t like her.

#: MISUNDERSTANDINGS. There are lot of quarrel between Four and Tris that made me sick. But those forehead-to-forehead scenes still made me love their team. And I’m good with that, knowing that Four is just so attached with Tris.

#8: THE PEACE SERUM. Hahahha, it doesn’t make a big scene really but I enjoyed that. Because it shows that Four really cares for Tris, right? Just grab the book and review that part 🙂

I guess my review is too long now. I have a lot more to share but I don’t want you to get bored. SO here is the last thing I want to share, Insurgent is full of actions compared to Divergent. And in here, you’ll be meeting Edith Prior, Tris ancestor, that will open new chapters to look forward to… So just get a copy now and read and have fun!  🙂 Over-all rating: 4.5/5 stars!


2 thoughts on “Insurgent (Book Review)

  1. Nicole Sweeney says:

    I absolutely felt the same way after finishing it. So much went on I felt like I needed to lie down, there were so many ups and downs. Great review!


  2. sheenhyuuga says:

    thanks… im still on third book. there are so many scenes to love and hate, but im more on fallin for Four and Tris… the excitement is still striking me. but unfortunately i cant finish yet due to work hahaha… lookin forward for your book reviews too! 🙂


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