Allegiant (Book Review)

Series Title: Divergent | Book Title: Allegiant (Book#3) | Author: Veronica Roth | EDITION: KT International Edition | Status: Owned | Reading Time: March 15 – 30, 2015

I should have not read some reviews before reading the book. But what can I do? I always browse some of Goodreads entries before reading on my own. And though reviews didn’t spoil the intensity, I feel like I betrayed myself. But it’s still a worth try, in reading some thoughts about this last book of the trilogy.

Well, as I’ve said on my Book#2 Review, I’m so much excited to finish the series, but now I feel like lost and dunno where to find my senses in getting to Four and Tris world again. It’s a bittersweet feelin coz after a month of living in their world; it’s finally time to leave them. Honestly I am emotional because of the ending. I hated THG’s Mockingjay ending coz of Collins killing Prim. And I dunno what I should feel about the killing in Divergent series. I am a bit disappointed on death of people who I loved here. But it made the story more realistic I guess.

I just can’t write well now coz im still feelin the sadness of the remaining characters. The longing. The memories… So I just needed then to state what to expect for those who haven’t read this yet:

#1: THE BUREAU. Where Natalie really came from. And please don’t reject David.

#2: THE FRINGE. It’s almost like factionless scenes.

#3: THE AIRPLANE IGNORANCE. Well yeah, Tris and the rest don’t know what air travel and airport and airplane is. What to expect? They were locked in Chicago, where they stayed for their whole life without knowing a lot of things outside the fence…

#4: JUANITA. Nita. A pretty girl that made Tris got jealous. Yeah, a pretty and smart lady that will make you hate…

#5: GP’s and GD’s. Genetically Pure and Genetically Damaged. And that made Four not a real Divergent, thus Tris still is…

#6: THE CHARACTERS. Johanna, Evelyn, Uriah, Matthew, Cara, Peter, Caleb and the rest… They were there all the time. But Tori’s death is such an unexpected scene. Sorry 😦 Evelyn and Marcus and the Allegiant…

#7: The Factionless Revolution.
#8: Natalie’s Journal.
Where Tris found important information about her mom before she was declared as Dauntless and to be Erudite but chose to be Abnegation…

May I just stop tellin what I remember, coz as of now it’s still a sad thing to me ending my time with the book. It’s just that, I feel like I really want to cry because of the ending. Though it portrays reality, I still can’t get myself to be sad on the death… And I don’t know if I can rate Allegiant higher than four stars. Maybe, 3.5 is acceptable. Sorry guys, im too much attached with the characters… I don’t want to be a spoiler. Gotta try to post better review, after I recover. So that’s it for now. 😦


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