MOVIE#09: Fast and Furious 7

Im not a real fan of Paul Walker, but upon watching the movie I feel like, yeah emotional. I was crying at the ending but tryin not to show it. It’s a big impact that the production team didn’t killed Bryan (Paul Walker) on the movie. They sent him in such an emotional way. Those who were not touched on that scene maybe are hard-hearted… Sorry 🙂

I am not also a fan of the Fast and Furious movie series, but my hubby is. I went to cinema with him and couple of friends to watch the Furious 7. And it was a great experience. The movie is extremely action-packed. The team really did their best to make this movie unforgettable, not to just FAF fans but to all viewers. There are no scenes that aren’t exciting and intense. Really, it’s a 5 star rated movie. Its just sad that on next, Paul wont be there…

And because of him, im gonna watch the whole movie series as respect to Paul Walker. 😥


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