Book Title: The Titan’s Curse (Book#3) | Series Title: Percy Jackson and the Olympians | Author: Rick Riordan| EDITION: Disney Hyperion, Paperback | Status: Owned | Reading Time: April 04 – April 18, 2015

It’s a rated 5/5 stars! A former student and a friend named Rhine Pau, told me this is his favorite of the series. And I am thinking, as of now, that this too is my favorite! 🙂

Okay, so this book is really action-packed and mysterious and intriguing. Each chapter is really a chapter worth reading. Though I spent longer than usual reading this, I will make a way that next time I’ll reading this again, I will do it in shorter period of time. Yeah, I’ll definitely re-read this because I want to experience all over again the intensity and awesomeness of each pages.

Here are the most loved by me:

#1: First chapter. First chapter itself made this a page-turner. Action will hit you on the first pages, thus made you hold the book until forgetting the time…

#2: Bianca and Nico di Angelo. New half-bloods whose God/Goddess parents is unknown, its on the last chapter, the revelations seems bad. But it will be fine I guess.

#3: Artemis. Artemis quest is a sad story. But it’s a good thing Percy and the team was able to make everything fine. I was expecting to meet other God/Goddesses, but I wasn’t hoping it would be her, but thanks anyway, I was able to know her better.

#4: The Hunters. Its Artemis team, so in which way, you’d learn the oath of becoming one of the Hunters/

#5: Zoe Nightshade. Her story is amazing, just disregard her family. Her love-story is somewhat sad. It’s just good she became friends with Percy. She got her own constellation, The Huntress, will I be seeing that in reality? Hahahaha. I really liked her though the making of her constellation is a sad part of the book.

#6: Thalia. She was considered as a threat for Percy on The Sea of Monsters. And she was. It’s a good thing she remained good-hearted. And she won’t turn 16 for forever. So the prophecy is still with Percy.

#7: Grover and Bessie. They understand each other and that amazes me. Grab the book and browse for their adventure together, and smile all throughout.

#8: Atlas. That agony. He deserved it after all. And passing that burden to three characters, Annabeth, Artemis and Percy, that’s foul. It’s just good Artemis and Percy’s plan worked it went back to him.

#9: Luke. Why can’t he just die? Come on, he’d been hurting Annabeth ever since, and now Thalia. What else he’ll do to make things worse?

#10. Frederick Chase. Annabeth’s dad did a good job, really. I just hope they’ll make the same thing on movie. Yeah, I just hope they won’t remove that scene on the movie. 🙂

#11: Mr. D.’s Love-story. Yeah, a married God. A lil bit of his story is revealed.

#12: Riptide Story. Riptide origin was revealed and its connection to Hercules. One sad love-story is revealed again. But Percy made things fine, again…

#13: Rachel Elizabeth Dare. Young girl, who are you, really? Thanks then, you were able to saved Percy. And since im on the fourth book now, I’ll be watching you, closely. 🙂

#14: The Quest. The quest is amazing, where Percy isn’t counted technically, but what do we expect from him? He always do what he thinks is right, and so it was one of his adventure again. But he stayed longer with new characters than with Annabeth. So it was all-way different from previous quests.

So, you better grab the book and read it now. Coz I know you won’t stop reading pages to pages and can’t wait to read the next book, and the whole series. Really, if I can rate this higher than 5, I will. Clap clap clap Mr. Riordan. Very very amazing middle book of the series! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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