Book Title: The Last Olympian (Book#5) | Series Title: Percy Jackson and the Olympians | Author: Rick Riordan| EDITION: Disney Hyperion, Paperback | Status: Owned | Reading Time: May 13 – 18, 2015

It’s a very late post of book review I know, but I must write anyway. Coz this ends my journey on Percy’s world, for the meantime. And this feeling strikes me again. As always, it’s a bittersweet feeling coz at last, I finally found answers for Percy and Annabeth and the whole team. Buts it’s just sad I needed to wait longer time before getting a good time for Heroes of Olympus. 🙂

I wasn’t expecting whom does this ‘Last Olympian’ refers to. And it was she afterall, Hestia. There are lots of things to share about this book. The action scenes are amazing and intense. I can’t even find right words describing how I feel how the team battles Kronos himself. And those deaths of characters, it’s heartbreaking. Indeed it is written amazingly that I felt every emotions.

#1: ANNABETH AND RACHEL. These two brave girls really play a very good role in saving the world from Titans attack. They did their part bravely and intelligently that really helps Percy in surviving the battle. They made him stronger and tougher.

#2: ACHILLES CURSE. I didn’t see it coming. But it’s a good thing for Percy. He was invincible and indestructible and braver and tougher. And what made him do this possible is very sweet. Without her knowing, Annabeth made this possible for Percy.

#3: LUKE. You know I’ve hated him since ‘The Lightning Thief’, but I pity him on this book. His family, his love for Annabeth, this made him weak. But at the end he chose what is right. And it made him a hero. He was just used by Kronos.

#4: LUKE’S BATTLE. Luke’s own battle with Kronos is creepy. Though because he wanted still to be good and reverse what have had done. But unfortunately he didn’t succeed. But he bravely and wholeheartedly choose right path on his last breath.

#5: RACHEL ELIZABETH DARE. I’ll track you down on Heroes of Olympus, I’ll see to it. Well, I wasn’t expecting also how big her role is. It’s a good thing I watched her carefully on her first encounter with Percy. And what she did to save Percy from the school madness is a job well done.

#6: THE OFFER. Being the hero on saving the world and Olympus as well made Zeus grant Percy’s wish to be immortal, if he say so. But he’s not like other hero who wanted that eternity. He wants to experience those glimpse of his life as shown by the Faith.

#7: THE CLAIMING. And let’s expect a bunch of demigods, coz it’s a must now for the Olympians to claim their sons and daughters… Let’s count starting with Jayson on HoO… Thanks Percy for the chance to meet them one by one. 🙂

#8: BOB AND SALLY. I just hope he will be a real good guy for Percy’s mom. For she deserve a normal love story too, am I right?

#9: THE ENDING, ITSELF. The ending of the book is really an interesting one. I wish I could read Heroes of Olympus right now. But it’s a worth waiting for I know, coz I’ll be reliving with the characters soon. I know it will be roller-coaster-ride again, so I’m prepping myself for it.

All-in-all, I can’t write everything on my mind. It’s simply 5/5 rating for this last book. And I know, you’ve wanted too to read it by yourself, so do it now and experience a mind-blowing actions and quests and love and loyalty and commitment… Thanks Mr. CampHalfBlood for the wonderful journey. Thanks Percy for a forever-remembered quests and happenings. It’s a goodbye for now… 🙂


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