For my dad

Dad with Mom and the kids, Kuya Mhar Cedric (sister's son), Kuya Niel Zeus (brother's son) and Shawn Evan (my son) :) <3

Dad with Mom and the kids, Kuya Mhar Cedric (sister’s son), Kuya Niel Zeus (brother’s son) and Shawn Evan (my son) 🙂 ❤

Most people say “you’re the perfect dad” for their dad. But I won’t tell the same words. Coz I know my dad won’t believe it though. I was then called as “papa’s girl” when I was a kid. My dad would always give me whatever I want, shoes and toys and little girl’s stuffs… Then I was thinking I am a real “lil-brat-girl” though we’re not wealthy. I can get what I want. But when my dad stopped working, I started to feel aloof from him. Maybe because he can’t give anything at all, and at the same time I’m starting to grow-up.

But when I reached high school, I began to understand, I really am that girl who seems to do nothing without consulting my dad. He’s working in our farm and so we’re always with mom at home… And I began to miss dad again, coz he only comes home to attend Church Worship Services. I then realized it’s not those material things that made me love him… It’s those times we spent as we go out for family bonding, those “belt-on-butts” moments when he comes home from work, those foods cooked by him, all those moments… Always remembered.

But yeah, dad isn’t perfect, as all humans do. He gets mad with no valid reasons, he acts unwise sometimes, he tells hurting words, he gives bad point of views, but those were the reasons why I, we with my brother and sister, love him. We love him the way he is… And mom will always say, “That’s your dad. Hard-headed” and she’s right. But he’s the head of the family, so we still love him whatever happens.

But he’s the same man who sacrificed everything for us. He cooks, he do the laundry, he’s been the nanny of his grandchildren, he do the dishes, he cleans the house, he provides foods as he plants veggies on the backyard, he can do everything for the sake of his family. And most of all, he teaches us to be God-fearing and be good individual… He can’t be perfect dad, but he’s real. And for that, I am proud to say, I have a realistic and good dad… Happy father’s day papa, we love you so much! Be healthy always! 🙂 ❤


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