I’ve been seeing that kind of profile pic for a couple of days now since same-sex marriage had been legalized in the US. I feel annoyed coz a lot of people are using that rainbow-coated-profile picture without knowing what it means. Some friends of mine on Facebook uses that so called ‘pride-flag’ color on their profile pic coz they just saw the same on their friends, the fact that they aren’t aware that it’s for supporting that ‘same-sex marriage’… And so I sent PM to those I know personally that I guess isn’t aware what that is for. And as a result they thanked me for informing them.

I, myself, will stand that same-sex marriage is immoral. It’s simply because it’s against God’s Law. U.S. and the other countries who legalized same-sex marriage can change their laws anytime they want to, but nobody can change God’s law. Divorce is another issue. But still, though it’s legal in many countries in the world, as a Christian, I will not agree with it. Simply because marriage is created by God not just a common law. And for that, I’m still hoping that same-sex marriage won’t be legalized in the Philippines.



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