Hello 2016!

Yep. I was lazy this last months of 2015 and so I stopped on that ‘Red Queen’ book. That was the last read book for the year. Disappointed for myself. But maybe, maybe I’ll be good this year. To give myself a nightly-reading-chapter-and-another-chapter of my currently reading books. And my currently reading is now… five? Really. But I should finish the last book at hand, first!

And so, as I was unboxing my books coz I boxed them for a week coz we repainted our room, I happened to take a chance to think what to read next.10590404_10205236173166463_3802485484025639030_n


And i’ve decided to have this! Really? Yep i just did! And I cant believe i did, too! 🙂

Yeah I know, I promised not to read this but what can I do? I really want to know what happens next. But of course I’ve decided to read the Book#01 and so here I am. Want to share my first thoughts while reading this. OMG! I feel like a teen. I find the scenes romantic and teenish. Hahahaha… got to post my review as soon as I finish. And as for now, yep im so hooked. So bye for now! Laters baby… 🙂


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