2016: February (Bookhaul)

Hey guys… it’s been #lazyFebruary for me. My currently-reading-book isn’t finished so it’s still on my CR status. But don’t worry ill be finishing it soon to proceed on my next-to-read book. But this February, I made a new step for my book-loving-hobby. At last, I was able to create a Bookstragram account! Here’s my screenshot!


follow me at @sheenhyuugaslibrary to see more 🙂

I’ve been doing bookstagram before, but I’ve been using my personal account. And so thanks #teaminstagram for launching easy-switch-feature!

Hmmmm… I lend my latest purchase book to my mom coz she got a lot of time for reading now so my February Book Haul photo is lil weird. I’ll be posting another pic as soon as I get back the book. But for now, here’s the collage pic!


That book-to-movie is stayin with mom for a little time, then after she read ill tell her to watch the movie. 🙂

Thanks for reading. Leave a comment maybe? 🙂


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