15507958So what will I write on this review? Been thinking for days now on how to write review on this emotionally-wrecking-book. I was so excited then to watch the movie because of Emilia and Sam, coz I’ve been watching their separate movies and shows. And seeing them together in one movie is mind blowing.

The trailer itself is makin me chill and so I decided to grab a copy of the book. So maybe you know the story of this book and so I’ll directly write my review.

Well, it’s actually a bit-predictable book, but I still love it. There’s just one thing that troubled me and still troubles me. That travel to Switzerland. It’s frustrating. Why can’t he just stay in London and be like “oh… im so inlove and I will stay…” But well, Moyes way of thinking made the book and so be it.

Maybe I won’t be reading the sequel coz I feel so much in-love with Will. And if I were Lou, I’ll find it really hard to move on and find a new love. But her travel to Paris is a nice ending. The whole story is actually.

Won’t write any longer coz I just want you to read the book by yourself. Final rating? 4/5 stars. I’ll be watching the movie surely. Maybe it will make me cry… more.

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