fiftyshadesdarkerposterWell… I was always curious about the movie adaptation of this series. And yeah, we did watch the movie last weekend with hubby. And as expected, I am a little bit dismayed because I was expecting too much on the movie.

Of course, there were these scenes I am looking forward to see on the movie and they did not include (insert sigh icon). I was also expecting about the Christian-sub-mode-scene to be highlighted, but they didn’t; Mia and Ethan love affair didn’t show-up too; and where’s Dr. Flynn?; they should also emphasized the i-am-home-safely scene of Christian from Charlie Tango’s crash; and the beating-Jack-Hyde of Taylor and Christian, I wish I’d seen it too… Well, let’s leave it that way because it ALWAYS happens on book-to-movie stories… So here are some things I want to share:

THE ACTORS: Their selection of actors/actresses is really amazing. Elena is somewhat surprised me. She’s prettier on the movie as I imagined on the book. And also Jack is good-looking as compared to what I’ve seen on my mind. And seeing Jamie as Christian again is still a mind-blowing, he’s still good-looking. But I found him more attractive on this movie. And Ana also is still so attractive.

THE SOUNDTRACK: Before going to the cinema, I have already a copy of the “Not Afraid Anymore” and “The Scientist” and “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever”. And they are great. I’ll be having the rest as soon as it will be released.

THE SCENES: You know what I am referring to. It’s good thing they didn’t include everything from the book. And they made it shorter this time. But it was a bit disturbing still watching such scenes with strangers. I feel awkward honestly. But I decided to go with it, so I faced the consequence.

TAYLOR: I think missed him on the first movie. So while reading the Fifty Shades Freed a couple of weeks ago, I’ve decided to watch the Fifty Shades of Grey movie for me to visualize Taylor while reading. And his appearance on the movies is too little, I wish I’ve seen him more. I adore him. And I like Mrs. Jones in this part. She’s so pretty. 🙂

FINAL SAY: The movie-adaptation is quite nice. At least they included the marry-me-scene on the boat house. On movie adaptation, it would be fair giving 3/5. Cant wait to see how will they make scenes on R8-racing-with-the-non-sub of book 3. And Phoebe and Ted and the honeymoon. Well, be looking forward with those scenes.

Still not recommended for young viewers.

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