2017 February Bookhaul

Yups i know, i posted my #FebruaryBookhaul a couple of days. I was thinking not to buy additional books coz i spent more than half-a-thousand-peso buying the first two books. But when i found this additional three books at Booksale where you can buy pre-owned books, i cant help it. I was just planning to buy GREY but upon looking around, i found this two books which are on my wishlist previous years, so i bought it. Lalalalalala…  ❤


#February2017Bookhaul is ❤ 🙂

So yups, that’s all i got for this month!

  1. The Hidden Oracle – Trials of Apollo Book#1 (BRANDNEW) from National Bookstore, Santiago
  2. A Game of Thrones – A Song of Ice and Fire Book#1 (BRANDNEW) from National Bookstore, Cauayan
  3. Grey – Fifty Shades of Grey add-on book (PRE-OWNED) Booksale Santiago
  4. The Escape – Henderson’s Boys Book#1 (PRE-OWNED) Booksale Santiago
  5. Eagle Day – Henderson’s Boys Book#2 (PRE-OWNED) Booksale Santiago


As i was saying, i’ve got no plan to buy any book for the month of April coz i have received brand new books last March. And so i did! I just bought three pre-owned books last May.


PELLINOR SERIES BOOK 3 and BOOK 4. Visit my bookstagram: @sheenhyuugaslibrary to see more 🙂

Although, this new set of books is bought yesterday, June 8, it is still considered as May Bookhaul coz its a birthday gift from my loving sister. Just celebrated my 27th birthday last May 31, and she decided to give me cash-gift coz i told her I got a priority list of books. Since A Song of Ice and Fire boxed set at the National Bookstore isnt already available when i visited the shop, i decided then to purchase these books. For at least, its all on my WISHLIST. So yeah, i’ll definitely start with The Lost Hero  as soon as I finish Glass Sword… 🙂


HEROES OF OLYMPUS Books 1, 3, 5 and The Lunar Chronicles Book2 Scarlet. Visit my bookstagram account for more @sheenhyuugaslibrary 🙂





Hey guys! Its been a while since I am planning to do this, and at last i just did! Originally i used that cute panda candle holder, and i remembered i have this mason jar from a friend. And since i am not always usin it I decided to make it more productive! And here’s the result! Yaaay… sorry, its my first time to create one. So any comment and suggestion will be great!


12919680_10205801101369315_4613176628196314334_nHello there bookworms! So I cant way another day to share what I got for this month. This is really the best month ever in getting good books. So here is my list:

  • Pre-owned Books (Booksale)
    • Touch of Power by Maria Snyder
    • Woman With A Birthmark by Hakan Nesser
    • The Secret of Platform 13
  • Brand new books (National Bookstore)
    • Champions by Karren Renz Seña
    • Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard
    • Me Before You by Jojo Moyes
  • Gift of my students (Brand New)
    • Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes by Rick Riordan
    • Cinder by Marissa Meyer

So that’s literally a good bookhaul, right? And now I am thinking not to buy any brand new books for this April coz I spent too much! But it’ll depend… Cheers for that amazing month of book-buying guys!

2016: February (Bookhaul)

Hey guys… it’s been #lazyFebruary for me. My currently-reading-book isn’t finished so it’s still on my CR status. But don’t worry ill be finishing it soon to proceed on my next-to-read book. But this February, I made a new step for my book-loving-hobby. At last, I was able to create a Bookstragram account! Here’s my screenshot!


follow me at @sheenhyuugaslibrary to see more 🙂

I’ve been doing bookstagram before, but I’ve been using my personal account. And so thanks #teaminstagram for launching easy-switch-feature!

Hmmmm… I lend my latest purchase book to my mom coz she got a lot of time for reading now so my February Book Haul photo is lil weird. I’ll be posting another pic as soon as I get back the book. But for now, here’s the collage pic!


That book-to-movie is stayin with mom for a little time, then after she read ill tell her to watch the movie. 🙂

Thanks for reading. Leave a comment maybe? 🙂



I was waiting for the last day of the month to post this but I cant wait no more. So as I’ve written on my 2015 BOOKS, i got a New Year present from a cousin which was ‘The Last Symbol’ by Dan Brown, and I am so happy. I promised I would be generous for myself in buying books this year, and so hell’yah, i think I am doin it right away.

Here are the books i got just today:

  • World Without End by Ken Follet – wish granted
  • The Half Blood Prince (HP#7) – wish granted
  • Mad Dogs by Robert Muchamore
  • The Prisoner by Robert Muchamore
  • CLASSIC LIBRARY FOR BOYS for my son, Shawn Evan
  • The Wizard of Oz
  • The Prince and the Pauper
  • The Little Prince
  • Frankenstein
  • The Second Jungle Book

And with that, my day and week and month is complete and satisfying. Maybe I wont buy anything for this month anymore… So see for my Book Haul for the next month!

2015 Books

Hi there. I was busy this last months of 2015 so i wasnt able to post anything on my site. And I am surprised, it was actually my First Anniversary on WordPress today. I fell inlove with this site since I started the same day last year, January 12, because of book reviews and lot of amazing readers and people. And so I decided to have more time with this site since then.

Last year was a not-that-too-lazy-book-reading-year for me. I have read 10 books, I know its a short list but thats enough for me as I start to read, again. 🙂 Coz you know, I stopped reading for a year, i didn’t noticed, coz of frustration. I was frustrated by Suzanne Collins on her THG BookIII: Mockingjay. So i stopped reading for a meantime, and that was a year unnoticeable. So I happened to read the following books:

  1. Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods by Rick Riordan
  2. Percy Jackson and the Olympians (Book 1-5) by Rick Riordan
  3. Divergent Trilogy (Book 1-3) by Veronica Roth
  4. Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

I want also to share to you guys the books i had for this beautiful year of 2015.


Some were given by friends and students. Here, take a look:

  • Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods from Nikki Dianne
  • Percy Jackson and the Olympians from a friend named Jennifer
  • Divergent Trilogy from Nikki Dianne, again 🙂
  • Fifty Shades of Grey from a student named Vilmer

So the remaining were bought by me from ‘Booksale’ except one book 🙂

  • Red Queen (National Bookstore, Brandnew)
  • Matched
  • Memoirs of a Geisha (bought from student)
  • Silver is for Secrets
  • Halo
  • Sepulchre
  • The Shadow Thieves
  • Uglies
  • The Street Lawyer
  • The Partner
  • The Chamber (bought from student)

So i got 23 books all-in-all for the year 2015. And as of now, as I am writing this post, i got a new book on my shelf. A present last new year. But got to post after this month coz I am planning to buy a series…. So for that, cheers! Yehey for books and booklovers out there. Lets enjoy our 2016 with books and reading once again! 🙂

Hello 2016!

Yep. I was lazy this last months of 2015 and so I stopped on that ‘Red Queen’ book. That was the last read book for the year. Disappointed for myself. But maybe, maybe I’ll be good this year. To give myself a nightly-reading-chapter-and-another-chapter of my currently reading books. And my currently reading is now… five? Really. But I should finish the last book at hand, first!

And so, as I was unboxing my books coz I boxed them for a week coz we repainted our room, I happened to take a chance to think what to read next.10590404_10205236173166463_3802485484025639030_n


And i’ve decided to have this! Really? Yep i just did! And I cant believe i did, too! 🙂

Yeah I know, I promised not to read this but what can I do? I really want to know what happens next. But of course I’ve decided to read the Book#01 and so here I am. Want to share my first thoughts while reading this. OMG! I feel like a teen. I find the scenes romantic and teenish. Hahahaha… got to post my review as soon as I finish. And as for now, yep im so hooked. So bye for now! Laters baby… 🙂


i’ve been away for a while because im too busy doing some stuffs at school… Yearbook lay-outing, paperworks, church events and so on… So i feel like ‘yaaay… I need to update coz i got a new book at-hand!’. Yeah right, this is a new book i bought at the mall with my mom and i started reading, its a must to update my site.

Well, im not into Fantasy that much, but i liked the first line on the first chapter and so i decided to continue reading it. So anyone who read this already? Any thought to share what to expect? 🙂

2015 AUGUST: New Books

I just cant wait another week to share what i got for this month… so here it is! I bought Mosse book at the bookshop, yeah its a pre-owned shop so i spent less amount. And that Memoirs of Geisha and The Chamber was from a student. And the amount i paid him is super cheap, but he’ll be usin it for his guitar repair as he say.. So hooray! Another books for my shelf. More for this month, i know, and i am hoping 🙂

  • Sepulchre by Kate Mosse
  • Memoirs of Geisha by Arthur Golden
  • The Chamber by John Grisham