fiftyshadesdarkerposterWell… I was always curious about the movie adaptation of this series. And yeah, we did watch the movie last weekend with hubby. And as expected, I am a little bit dismayed because I was expecting too much on the movie.

Of course, there were these scenes I am looking forward to see on the movie and they did not include (insert sigh icon). I was also expecting about the Christian-sub-mode-scene to be highlighted, but they didn’t; Mia and Ethan love affair didn’t show-up too; and where’s Dr. Flynn?; they should also emphasized the i-am-home-safely scene of Christian from Charlie Tango’s crash; and the beating-Jack-Hyde of Taylor and Christian, I wish I’d seen it too… Well, let’s leave it that way because it ALWAYS happens on book-to-movie stories… So here are some things I want to share:

THE ACTORS: Their selection of actors/actresses is really amazing. Elena is somewhat surprised me. She’s prettier on the movie as I imagined on the book. And also Jack is good-looking as compared to what I’ve seen on my mind. And seeing Jamie as Christian again is still a mind-blowing, he’s still good-looking. But I found him more attractive on this movie. And Ana also is still so attractive.

THE SOUNDTRACK: Before going to the cinema, I have already a copy of the “Not Afraid Anymore” and “The Scientist” and “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever”. And they are great. I’ll be having the rest as soon as it will be released.

THE SCENES: You know what I am referring to. It’s good thing they didn’t include everything from the book. And they made it shorter this time. But it was a bit disturbing still watching such scenes with strangers. I feel awkward honestly. But I decided to go with it, so I faced the consequence.

TAYLOR: I think missed him on the first movie. So while reading the Fifty Shades Freed a couple of weeks ago, I’ve decided to watch the Fifty Shades of Grey movie for me to visualize Taylor while reading. And his appearance on the movies is too little, I wish I’ve seen him more. I adore him. And I like Mrs. Jones in this part. She’s so pretty. 🙂

FINAL SAY: The movie-adaptation is quite nice. At least they included the marry-me-scene on the boat house. On movie adaptation, it would be fair giving 3/5. Cant wait to see how will they make scenes on R8-racing-with-the-non-sub of book 3. And Phoebe and Ted and the honeymoon. Well, be looking forward with those scenes.

Still not recommended for young viewers.


Maraming beses ko nang nabasa ang life story nang Ka Felix. And this is another good moment for me. Ang mapanuod ang storya ng buhay ng ‘Sugo ng Diyos sa mga Huling Araw’. Lumaki ako sa loob nang Iglesia Ni Cristo. At mula pagkabata, kilala ko na sa pangalan, sa mukha, sa pagkatao ang Ka Felix pero hindi ang buong storya nang kanyang buhay. Bagamat nakakapagbasa na ako ng tungkol sa kanya, iba pa rin ang mapanuod ang kanyang kwento sa sinehan. At ang mga aral na kaniyang itinataguyod, wala akong makita na mali alinman sa mga ito. Kaya matatag ang aking pananampalataya na tama lamang na ang lahat ng mga tao ay umanib sa loob ng Iglesia Ni Cristo para sa ikaliligtas.

Napakasarap sa pakiramdam na makita ang kanyang pagsisikap, pagsusuri at pagmamahal sa Ama. Napakagaan sa pakiramdam ang makita ang bunga nang kanyang mga pagsusumikap. Na mula sa kanyang pagsusuri, naipagpatuloy ang Iglesia Ni Cristo na si Cristo ang nagtatag at naiparating sa ating panahon. Nakakaakit ang mga Gawain na pinasimulan ni Ka Felix, kaya nga ganun na lamang din ang pagnanais naming mga kaanib na mag-anyaya at mag-akay nang mga tao na makikinig sa mga doktrina na aming itinataguyod para sa kapakanan na ngating kaluluwa.

Ang “Felix Manalo” ay isang pamamaraan muli nang Ama para makilala at matanyag ang Iglesia Ni Cristo, ang bayan nang Diyos. Dahil sa pelikulang ito, muling naipakilala ang INC sa Pilipinas at sa iba pang panig ng mundo. Dito makikita at mauunawaan nang mga tao ang buong kwento kung panong ginabayan nang Dioys ang sugo para maiparating sa sanlibutan ang katotohan. Nawa maging daan pa ang pelikulang ito para maantig ang puso ng ating mga kapwa na magsuri sa mga aral na itinataguyod ng INC, nang sa gayon maging kabahagi din sila sa pag-asang kaligtasan ng bayan nang Diyos.

Binabati ko po ang lahat nang mga kapatid na nakipagkaisa sa lahat ng gawain na inilunsad para sa ikatatagumpay ng pelikulang ito. At muli po inaanyayahan po namin ang mga kababaayan nating panuorin ang pelikula para po makapagsimula silang magsuri ng mga salita ng ating Diyos. #FelixManaloNowShowing

MOVIE#09: Fast and Furious 7

Im not a real fan of Paul Walker, but upon watching the movie I feel like, yeah emotional. I was crying at the ending but tryin not to show it. It’s a big impact that the production team didn’t killed Bryan (Paul Walker) on the movie. They sent him in such an emotional way. Those who were not touched on that scene maybe are hard-hearted… Sorry 🙂

I am not also a fan of the Fast and Furious movie series, but my hubby is. I went to cinema with him and couple of friends to watch the Furious 7. And it was a great experience. The movie is extremely action-packed. The team really did their best to make this movie unforgettable, not to just FAF fans but to all viewers. There are no scenes that aren’t exciting and intense. Really, it’s a 5 star rated movie. Its just sad that on next, Paul wont be there…

And because of him, im gonna watch the whole movie series as respect to Paul Walker. 😥


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I promised myself, I won’t be reading the book. And I stand to it. I was just curious about the story and so I watched it. I’ll be honest; I skipped the sex scenes for I know it’s so uncouth and shocking. And so far, I liked the story. For the haters, I’m not one of you anymore guys. I’ve been tellin that it’s not a good movie or story for the younger ones, I still won’t recommend it, never, because it’s really unsuitable. But for young adults and adults, it’s okay to watch it. Just skipped the sex scenes as I’ve done and you’ll be amazed how the story goes.

I know some haven’t watched it so I don’t want to state major scenes. I’ll be careful. Here are the reasons why I like the movie:

#1: THE STORY. Christian Grey is totally a normal person. In a way ‘love-at-first-sight’ had happened to him. He’s even caring and yes a lil bit of romantic and loving. And Anastasia is a typical American girl who is liberated, but not much. She was able to change Christian point of view in positive way. And that’s when the problem occurs. Christian doesn’t want to change himself. Continue reading


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ORIGINAL DATE OF REVIEW: February 10, 2015

My son, who is 3 years old, has already watched this movie in cinema with my mother-in-law. But I and hubby haven’t. So upon getting a chance to watch at home, we did.

The intro scene itself is amazing. What I like most is that brother-relationship. I have a brother and sister so I know the feeling of siblings-relationship, INCREDIBLE. But as the story goes on I feel emotional because of death of some characters. Well that’s too sad for a kid’s movie right? But the gift Hiro received is incomparable. It shows that his brother love him, unconditionally. I can feel Hiro’s rage. Losing a love-one is such a pain. But it’s good that there are people beside him that remind him how beautiful life is… And so he didn’t became that bad he supposed to be because of revenge. Continue reading


ORIGINAL DATE OF REVIEW: February 10, 2014

I’m aloof to love story movies since it always didn’t reach me expectations. I’m a lil bit hesitant too of watching Nicholas Sparks’s movie adaptation coz of the emotional torture I experienced on watching ‘A Walk to Remember’ and ‘The Notebook’. Those two are some of my ALL-TIME-LOVE-STORY-FAVORITE which also includes ‘If Only’ and ‘Sweet November’. Some teens now maybe can’t recognize some of these, but those are the movies that really moved me. And literally made me shed a tear.

When ‘The Best of Me’ movie trailer is released, I’ve been thinking then to watch or not to watch the movie. Coz knowing Mr. Sparks as a novelist, I’m sure he made this book a cryfest. I decided not to watch the movie. But some friends kept telling me I should watch it. And so I did.

Honestly, I haven’t read the book yet but I have already an idea about the storyline, (thanks Wikipedia), and so I know it’s a sad love-story again. So I gave myself a chance to watch it. I’m really a fan of Nicholas Sparks, it’s just that maybe I’m getting annoyed coz of the parents-intruding-their-children-relationship and this economic-status-gap. I just hate when two people is so inlove with each other and there their family keep on telling they‘re not for each other. Isn’t that annoying? But, since its Mr. Sparks story, you can’t stop yourself to fall in love with the lines the characters are saying. And yeah, it made me cry… Tuck’s character is so admirable. Dawson as teen character is a lil bit funny. And Amanda aggressiveness is fine… Dawson and Amanda closure conversation, after 21 years, is so emotional, and that scene made me shed a tear. The ending is so frustrating that really made me feel sad, that makes me think if I can watch another movie again by Sparks. But I think I still will… Coz I know, his writings are realistic. So I still love to collect his books. And I will read ‘The Best of Me’ as soon as I got chance, coz I know it will be more emotional than the movie. So wish me luck!

Final rating for the movie: 3.5 stars, coz I know it’s different from the book. I’ll rate the book after reading! 🙂 😉

MOVIE#05: Into the Woods

Maybe we are that hooked into ‘Once Upon A Time’ TV Series that’s why I didn’t appreciate this movie. Yeah, I like the characters, or the actresses themselves. Emily Blunt, Anna Kendrick, Meryl Streep, I’ve watched their previous movies and I liked them, much. But don’t want to be a bias. They’re good actresses but the movie itself is the problem. My hubby even fell asleep in the cinema.

SOUNDTRACKS: Maybe because we still love OST of ‘Annie’ and so we kept on comparing those on the tracks of Into the Woods.

PERFORMANCE: As I said, the actresses are good and charming but that reason is not enough to like the movie.

STORY: I hated the part where Cinderella’s Prince flirted with The Baker’s Wife, and she even fell for it. The fairytale is ruined, I guess… And it’s a flaw for me, sorry 😦

OVER-ALL RATING: Sorry guys, but I’m rating it 1.5 out of 5 stars. It should be 1 star only but since the actresses are good, it falls to 1.5. 😦

MOVIE#04: Annie

We happened to watch the trailer of this movie last year in cinema, and then I, with my hubby said “we need to watch this…” And sorry guys, it’s a lil bit late that the said movie was released in our place. Originally, we’ll be watching Taken 3, but since it’s a family movie date, we decided to watch Annie… My son who is 3 years old is with us…

The opening scene itself is a BOOOOM! Coz I know who the real Annie, Quvenzhané Wallis, is. And it made me smile, so soon, when the instructor called for Annie B… and it started with a musical scene. I’m not so in love with musical scenes, except for the HSM when I was teen, but the first music of the movie catches my attention… and oh girl, I and hubby wanted to have the whole OST on our collection. So all in all, the music is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars… Its Cameron’s character, Colleen Hannigan, of singing that slashes .5 on my rating, sorry… Continue reading

MOVIE#03: If I Stay

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As I read some reviews on Goodreads, it’s like “okay… I get it. It’s a good book. Just good.” And base on its Wikipedia summary, it seems fine, just fine. But on the movie, I feel bored… because maybe I watch it right after watching the #TFIOS… But If I Stay storyline is simply good… Good enough coz it’s on teenage lovestory, also discusses family relationships, and this longing or doubt to live or just accept death of the main character Mia, it’s the scene that maybe, just maybe, made it a good story.

Okay, so Mia is in coma, cause by car accident including with her whole family. And she is in thinking whether to get back to life, to be with her guy Adam, and bestfriend Kim other relatives who really love her… Or she’ll just accept death to be with his dad and mom and brother. Well, that’s a tough decision, right? But because of love and friendship and good-family-relationship, she decided to get back to life and stayed. So, she stayed to continue her new life with the rest of the characters… That’s it. But, honestly I would like to read the book, to see the difference. Because we all know, books are far better than movies, and so im giving it a shot… So I’ll be reading it together with its sequel “Where She Went”… Adam’s side… 🙂

MOVIE#02: The Fault in Our Stars

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Your child wants to go in a place where her dreams can come true… how happy you are for her, but unfortunately you can’t send her… That’s it! TORTURING.

Isaac and Hazel pre-eulogy is, yeah sooo sad. It’s the first time to see a scene like that.

Yeah, it made me feel sad on Gus letter to  Van Houten… writing his eulogy for Hazel, expecting she’ll die first. The message is yet sweet, but didn’t move me, sorry.

A speech on your love-one’s funeral… FRUSTRATING. Thinking that you’re the first one to leave him, thinking that it’s you who’ll die first, and he’s just gone… Just gone.  Another painful moment. But I didn’t cry on Hazel’s speech for Gus coz it doesn’t make sense. No interesting part at all (on the movie, dunno in book).

So they say it’s a cryfest movie, but for me it’s not. Maybe because I didn’t read the book. Or maybe because im not a teen anymore… I was like ‘ah, the mother-daughter relationship is much interesting than the love-affair’… Sorry, again. I just watched it the other day coz all I thought I can’t handle to watch it on cinema… But it’s a good thing I didn’t spend my money for movie ticket coz it didn’t move me ‘much’… Well sorry for the ‘movie fans’, but I guess I need to read the book for me to write a review on the book itself not on movie.

But, yeah the love story is good… For they believe in love and fell inlove despite their situation… and believing that dreams can come true… That you rather be remembered by only few because they love you… so that’s all I can say I guess… But I’ll try to read the book for me to appreciate the story, maybe… ‘OKAY?’ 🙂