So i’ve been with him for ten years now. Six years in a relationship and four years as husband-and-wife. I wasnt able to find gift for him, aside from that Air Jordan shoes i bought for him couple of days now… And so i decided to make this little surprise for him 🙂 Sure, the photo i used isnt extraordinary, but the place and the date is. It was taken at our employer’s condo on 17th floor dated April 5, 2014 as we celebrate our monthsary, and so i chose that pic 🙂

tenth copy

Air Jordan shoes for his basketball games 🙂 ❤

And his reaction? Priceless… 🙂 ❤ #feelingteen #youngcouple 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


I’ve been seeing that kind of profile pic for a couple of days now since same-sex marriage had been legalized in the US. I feel annoyed coz a lot of people are using that rainbow-coated-profile picture without knowing what it means. Some friends of mine on Facebook uses that so called ‘pride-flag’ color on their profile pic coz they just saw the same on their friends, the fact that they aren’t aware that it’s for supporting that ‘same-sex marriage’… And so I sent PM to those I know personally that I guess isn’t aware what that is for. And as a result they thanked me for informing them.

I, myself, will stand that same-sex marriage is immoral. It’s simply because it’s against God’s Law. U.S. and the other countries who legalized same-sex marriage can change their laws anytime they want to, but nobody can change God’s law. Divorce is another issue. But still, though it’s legal in many countries in the world, as a Christian, I will not agree with it. Simply because marriage is created by God not just a common law. And for that, I’m still hoping that same-sex marriage won’t be legalized in the Philippines.


A man like you doesn’t deserve a second chance. I mean ‘boy’ coz you don’t deserved to be called as man. You broke up with her a few weeks ago and you told her because you are busy… She asked you if you found somebody, and you told her you got no time for a new relationship. And after coupla weeks, that bi*ch girl posted a photo of you callin you ‘babe’… What a disgrace to real men…. Maybe this is another proof that LDR won’t work… I just hate to see and witness this kind of breaking-up… to see a friend sad. Maybe I don’t know your side of story. But what I saw and what I learned is enough for me to hate a boy like you…

For my dad

Dad with Mom and the kids, Kuya Mhar Cedric (sister's son), Kuya Niel Zeus (brother's son) and Shawn Evan (my son) :) <3

Dad with Mom and the kids, Kuya Mhar Cedric (sister’s son), Kuya Niel Zeus (brother’s son) and Shawn Evan (my son) 🙂 ❤

Most people say “you’re the perfect dad” for their dad. But I won’t tell the same words. Coz I know my dad won’t believe it though. I was then called as “papa’s girl” when I was a kid. My dad would always give me whatever I want, shoes and toys and little girl’s stuffs… Then I was thinking I am a real “lil-brat-girl” though we’re not wealthy. I can get what I want. But when my dad stopped working, I started to feel aloof from him. Maybe because he can’t give anything at all, and at the same time I’m starting to grow-up.

But when I reached high school, I began to understand, I really am that girl who seems to do nothing without consulting my dad. He’s working in our farm and so we’re always with mom at home… And I began to miss dad again, coz he only comes home to attend Church Worship Services. I then realized it’s not those material things that made me love him… It’s those times we spent as we go out for family bonding, those “belt-on-butts” moments when he comes home from work, those foods cooked by him, all those moments… Always remembered.

But yeah, dad isn’t perfect, as all humans do. He gets mad with no valid reasons, he acts unwise sometimes, he tells hurting words, he gives bad point of views, but those were the reasons why I, we with my brother and sister, love him. We love him the way he is… And mom will always say, “That’s your dad. Hard-headed” and she’s right. But he’s the head of the family, so we still love him whatever happens.

But he’s the same man who sacrificed everything for us. He cooks, he do the laundry, he’s been the nanny of his grandchildren, he do the dishes, he cleans the house, he provides foods as he plants veggies on the backyard, he can do everything for the sake of his family. And most of all, he teaches us to be God-fearing and be good individual… He can’t be perfect dad, but he’s real. And for that, I am proud to say, I have a realistic and good dad… Happy father’s day papa, we love you so much! Be healthy always! 🙂 ❤

Finn and Jake

I never experienced to have this kind of stuffs when I was a kid. I grew up with simple toys. And yes, this toy here is classified now as ‘simple’ but wayback when I was a kid, this kind of toy cost so much. My mom is a public teacher, during those days the salary is just enough for common needs, and so she didn’t spoiled us with extra things. That’s the reason why I want to give my son, Shawn Evan, who is 3years old now, the things I never experienced. So yeah, I am working hard to give him all things his needs, and some ‘extra things’ that will not spoiled him… much 🙂

I am just lucky coz my son is such a cute and active kid. He’s into Cartoon Network, and Hero channel, and loves to play educational apps… Don’t worry; we’re always supervising him while doing such stuffs. Some parent’s maybe is disagreeing with me, but we’re on techy generation so let’s allow the kids to enjoy too… He’s not just hooked with devices and toys; he’s also active in playing games that requires motor skills. He’s playin basketball too, marbles, tops, and the likes… So I guess it’s a balance playing hobby so I am not worried.

So as long as those things won’t harm him in any way, and I can give it, I will… That’s parents’ responsibility right. So I just hope we, parents, will do our bests to give the best for our children 🙂

Kukutin’s Kitchen: First Visit

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ORIGINAL REVIEW DATE: February 01, 2015

This is my first attempt to write a blog about foods and places… So I hope you don’t mind. Just bear with me and feel free to leave a comment 🙂

Hubby and I ❤ 🙂 ‘)

I saw a friend’s post of this called ‘TOWER BURGER’ of Kukutin’s Kitchen. I was like, “oh I want to eat that by myself” so I asked her the exact location. Then one time, I and hubby went to shop some stuffs and we decided to visit the place, which is located in Santiago City, Stall #4, Paz Padua Building, Maharlika Highway. Beside UCPB, in front of Metrobank to be exact. The place is small yet cozy and comfy… And I love their menu. 🙂 Continue reading


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JOMARI YLLANA TINAWAG NA PINAKATANGANG PRESIDENTE SI PNOY. If this is a true statement of the actor Jomary Yllana, then he is displaying his own personality.

This is one of the disadvantages of this thing called ‘Freedom to Express.’ I myself is not a Pro-Aquino, but I can’t be one of those who curse them. The fact that he is the President of the Philippines, he should get respect from Filipino citizen as well. Okay, let’s admit, he didn’t do the right thing this time. He is still human, he’s not perfect, and we all are not. Instead of bashing and dragging him to scandals, why can’t we just do our own part to be a good Filipino citizen?  Instead of talking about this event, why can’t we just move on and pray our country? It already happened. Our heroes did their job, and let’s try to fulfill ours.

‘Impeachment Trial’ is again a word we encounter on news and social media and the like. Can’t we just wait for the President to finish his term? For in fact it’s one more year. Let’s give him his last chance to prove that he can still make the ‘Tuwid na Daan’ work with his fellow officials. If he can’t, then let’s not vote for him the next time. Will the Impeachment do good about what’s happening now, or would it be create another dishonor and anarchy to our country?

Let’s be a model to younger citizens. Let’s make our part. Be a good Filipino. We can make it in our little way. God bless us all.

#MUNCHERS: Foodtrips and Friendship

“To have a friend is a worthy thing, but to have friends at workplace is bigger thing.” 🙂 ❤ -sheen hyuuga

And i am lucky i found some! 🙂

Paasa Daw :)

Here’s the scenario…. Tahimik yang babae, tapos nilapitan ng lalaki, liligawan… Kahit anuman sabihin ng babae, sasabihin ng lalaki gagawin nya lahat para mapasagot si babae. Ngayon, syempre si babae hahayaan lang si lalaki na manligaw, eh gusto ng lalaki eh… Tapos sasabihing paasa si babae? Hindi ba unfair yun sa part ng babae.

Eto ang dapat na mangyari. Si lalaki lalapit sa babae. Sasabihin ng babae kung taken na sya o hindi pa. Kung taken na, dapat si lalaki wala nang dapat gawin para hindi maging assuming na may pag-asa sya sa babae. And in return, dapat si babae honest din kung may chance o wala si lalaki. Kung sa una merong chance si lalaki kaya nagpaligaw at biglang nawala ang chance na  yun, sabihin na agad sa lalaki.

And I quote, “boys say girls are paasa” and “girls say boys are assuming”. Ang sekreto lang naman dyan ay HONESTY. Para walang umasa, walang magpaasa, walang assuming. Gets?

Original Post: http://sheenhyuuga.tumblr.com/post/104308768980/paasadaw (December 04, 2014)