Since Haikyuu Season 2 isn’t complete yet, I’ve decided to find shorter anime series and luckily I have a copy of the ‘Charlotte’ series. And upon watching the first episode I decided to finish it ASAP. And I made it.

SPOILER ALERT*** The story is unique. Adolescent having different abilities that wore-out after adolescent stage, where they got from the comet named as charlotte which passes Earth every 75 year.

The friendship, family-relationship, determination, love, commitment is so intense that made the characters unique compared to each other. And their abilities too is unimaginable.

The twist of revealing mysteries seems fine to me. Death of some characters is really painful. I was lil bit emotionally tortured but the ending lift my spirit and so overall the deaths is worth it.

And since I started to love and get addicted to anime again, I am looking for another series which I’ll be watching with hubby as soon as we finish on CAPETA and YOWAMUSHI PEDAL. Yups, we’re on that bicycle team as of the moment. But its just I who watched this Charlotte. But don’t worry I’ll ask him to watch this too.

So as I end my review, it’s a 5/5 stars for this short-yet-worth-watching anime series. 🙂

ANIME REVIEW: Haikyuu (Season1)


As I’ve written last time, we’re enjoyin this anime so much. And so it’s-a-must to write a simple review upon finishing the Season 1. There’s so much to share about this series and it’s so amazing to start with the characters. They are so cool and unique. I can’t find any character to hate. Even Oikawa Tooru is good character.

Their defeat on Aoba Johsai is indeed painful. But the match is really amazing. It made Shoyo shine during the Inter-High Preliminary. And lets not forget Tobio and the rest of the team. All of them is cool and good. As in all of them, including Sensei Ittetsu Takeda. He’s the heart of the Karasuno Volleyball Club afterall 🙂

I really don’t want to be spoiler on details so I just want to give my rate, and its 5/5 stars for the first season. We’re actually on the Season 2 now but will be writing different post with that. So that’s all for now… 🙂

After finishing the Season2, i’ll definitely reading the Manga…  That’s the most exciting part! 🙂



No I am not a volleyball player. Not either an athlete. But I dunno why I became obsessed with this anime series. We happened to see this on HERO Channel (anime channel in the Philippines), and hubby and I watched the whole episode and we liked it. So we then scheduled our 8:00 PM as Haikyu-time.

Luckily, when I posted my status on Facebook while watching, a friend of mine, Dale, who is an Anime-and-Manga-addict, comment that this series is one of her faves and she have the whole Season1 of anime series, and there we go, she gave us copy. And hubby and I then started to watch immediately. And so we’re into it as of the moment.

Its an interesting series because of the different characters that really are unique and annoying. Hahaha, cant stop myself from laughing while writing this. So if ever you are an anime-lover who’s reading this now, and this Haikyu thing isn’t familiar to you, try to look for it and send me back comment or review. I’ll be glad to exchange conversation with you. 🙂

Yups, i have the Manga copy too!

WHAT I AM WATCHING: The Flash (TV Series)

I’ve decided to watch TV Series again, while waitin for GOT Season 5 to be available. 🙂 And this is just an accident series, but i guess i’ll be lovin this. Though the next season will be aired this coming October, i need to finish the first season so i would not be a not-knowing-anything-viewer as season 2 will released.

Im still on Episode I, but i think it wont bore me. So i’ll be watching the rest maybe this weekend, with hubby of course. 🙂 ❤

Grant Gustin. He isn’t that cute, right. Its my first time to see this man, but lets give him a try. Maybe at the end, he’ll remain on my mind as i did on Jamie Dorman on OUAT… 🙂 ❤

So that’s it for now. I’ll be posting some reviews and thoughts as soon as i watched some episodes. Please comment back for some expectations for those who have watched the Season 1 already. Thanks! ❤ ❤

TV SERIES: Once Upon A Time (Season 2)

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The beginning of Season 2 is another episode not to take for granted… But the second episode is the episode you don’t want to reject… And so, Charming regained his power, as the prince, not the magic… and Regina’s story is retold as her mom, Cora, story is revealed… The whole town started to live their lives as normal Storybrooke citizens. Regina is starting to have her conscience back, returned Henry to David… But Snow and Emma remained on Enchanted Forest, the fairy land… And here’s the worst, they met Cora… so the episode is getting more intense than ever… Snow and Prince wedding as Prince’s mother is dying, it made me cry… And here, I didn’t see it coming… Lancelot is dead and Cora disguised as he from the beginning, oh come on… And as I’m on the other episodes, im just uhm totally blown-away. It’s really a must-seen-series because it will affect you that much. I’m starting to love Hook, coz he’s just handsome as he can be and I got a crush on him. What he does in this season is a big help. And so they’re right, I’m starting to hate Belle/Lacey… And there was this human-normal couple who betrayed Bae, poor Bae/Neil, who on the third season revealed as servant of this another antagonist. Oh come on, the writers really know how to make a big and crazy and effective twists. It worked on me. Their spell worked one me. Yaaay, so as of now I’m still on Episode 3 or Season 3 and its starting to kick me off from work.. hahaha… Sorry. I’m into book-reading (Divergent by Veronica Roth this time) and TV series (OUAT S03) and writing (reviews and blogs) at the same time. So good luck to me! 🙂

TV SERIES: Once Upon A Time (Season 1)

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Finally, I’m done watching the whole season… It’s just a late post, sorry. The writers are awesome and good and great and unbelievable… See how they made twists connecting the fairyland and the real world, that’s marvelous… I wish I can write like them too, coz I’m a frustrated writer too you know.

Prince Charming and Snow White finally remembered everything, all the characters in fact with the help of Emma of course. But sorry for what happened to Henry, poor little boy. But at least her mom’s true-love’s kiss gets him back to life… And as I thought, Emma would save him from the apple’s poison, from the Evil Queen Mayor Regina, like Maleficent who kissed Beuty on ‘Maleficent’ movie… mother’s love is true love…

Rumplestiltskin experiences made me feel sorry for him. Now I understand why he is acting the way he is now… Poor dad. And where the hell is Bae, in the other side?!?! Oh come on, show him to me!!!! Continue reading

A-Thought: Once Upon A Time (Season 1)

While I’m on my days of reading Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods, I’m also on Once Upon A Time – Season One… and it made think “my childhood is a lie”, an excerpt from 9GAG photo (lol) – because on the TV series, fairy tales is told in different way. So it was RUMPELSTILTSKIN after all, he is the villain of all villains, and not the Evil Queen… and the casts, uhm, fine-oh-fine… Prince Charming is a real charming (wink wink). And that Sheriff Graham Humbert played by Jamie Dornan is a real hunk, too bad he’s on the evil side as of on the episode I’m watching.

The writers… I like them. They know how to make a good, very good, twists… connecting fairyland and real world.. I can’t wait to finish the first season. Soon, I’ll be posting my review too for the whole season… Gotta go for now. I’m just done with my lecture preparation for my class, so its reading time for PJ’s Greek Gods before goin home… 🙂