135368602017READBOOK#02 | DATE FINISHED: February 4, 2017

I am still overwhelmed with the last pages of the book. I can’t write a review of this without spoiling you guys so please bear with me…

The marriage is expected… luxurious honeymoon and adventures and travels. So it’s a good honeymoon for the couple indeed. Ana’s stubbornness makes Christian mad at all times, but its working as he’s slowly turning to be a better man, yet still control freak. But Ana can still tolerate it, so it isn’t big issue after all.

There are lots of things to think about the last book. So there was new work for Ana or company, changing her name, meeting Leila and Sussanah, Dr. Geenee’s missed appointments, Ray’s accident, Jack Hyde, let’s not forget Gia, I really want this scene on the big screen. And there was the Aspen adventure. Mia and Ethan and Kate and Elliot, seriously? Three couples?!?! And to end the story, there was Ana saving Mia. She’s very brave to decide impulsively, but loving, indeed, coz she did care of the whole Grey family. Isn’t it amazing? The ‘talk’ as Ana calls it is really a revelation. So, Elena did good things for Christian afterall. But Linc action at the latter part is annoying. But can we blame him? And Christian’s revenge as acceptable, for me.

Well, the marriage as I’ve said is expected, but Ted and Phoebe is another story. I guess, I want to see how they make it emotional on the big screen.

The last part of Christian POV is entertaining, was thinking now if I’ll be reading the book. But for the meantime, I guess I need to jump on light reading because the gross-unending-sex-scenes still bothers me as of this moment. I read this last book less than a week, record breaking because I usually read a book minimum of two week, coz got a lot things to do. Work and paperwork and my-son’s-studies, so I am a slow-reader. But I was able to finish this shortly (for me), because I’ve skipped more than half of the book because it was just craps… So final rating? For the single book, story: 3/5; and writing 1/5. But for the whole series, it’s a different talk. Writing would be 1.5/5 and the story would be 3.5/5. That would be fair I guess, for an erotic book. So that’s it! I was able to read the trilogy. So bye Christian and Ana! See you on the big screen next time!


fifty_shades_darker_book_cover2017readbook#01 | Date Finished: January 27, 2017 

What can I say? Well? There should only be less than hundred pages for the whole story. The nice parts I should say. And the remaining half a thousand pages are just some crap. I’m sorry for being blunt. But it’s real. The grossness of the second book is far way than the previous book. So, another separate review for the story and writing again.

So the sex-scenes-grossness-level-up-is-another-story. In all chapters, seriously?!?! But then, what to expect on this genre of book? I had the guts to read because I don’t want to be lost-on-scene on the upcoming movie. And well, that ‘kilig-factor’ is still there. Buying a company just to watch over your love-one, well another level. ‘Because I can….’ just sweet! I just want to focus on the good side of the book, but I know it’s impossible. So let me try to write a review on both.

There’s a lot of things to digest on this book. So where to start? The good ones or the bad ones? I would start on the good ones, I guess. So there was the new work for Ana, the back-to-each-others-arms drama, the revelation of Christians past, the engagement-without-ring, Ethan and Mia, Elliot and Kathy going-strong-relationship, Grace-now-knows-everything… Ray and Christian cellphone talk. May I add The Grace voyage? Just disregard the love-making-scene on it, and it’s a perfect getaway for a couple like them I think. Let’s add the other heroes, aside from Taylor there was Sawyer and Ros… Hooray for these guys! And of course, the love confessions. Ana loves Christian, we know that since book one, but Christian admission is another big scene. And his willingness to-be-in-sub-mode is one sweet thing, on my point of view. And fort that, yeah I found it sweet.

So the bad ones… There was Leila. Creepy Leila and her connection to Ana and Christian’s mom and the other ex-subs. Really creepy. And there was Elena’s real feelings, or should I use intention, for Christian, it’s dismaying. I was then expecting they would be friends with Ana. And of course there was Jack! Poor Charlie Tango… Oh, what will he do on the third book? Well, I can’t wait to find out.

I should have summarize the whole book in a single book review, but then it would be a bad move coz I know some of the readers of this are maybe-planning-to-read this book too. So I just pointed out the things I want, for me to remember what happened on this before I jump on the third one. I know, I know my write-up is a mess, not just for this but also with the previous, but it’s because I don’t want to spoil the book for the sake of new readers. So please bear with me… And for rating, as ever .5 for the writing style and 3.5 for the story…. Yeah, so for now….? “Laters baby”… 🙂


61df-z3pjxl-_sx371_bo1204203200_You can’t read this awesome book without reading its prequel, PJ’s Greek Gods. And as much as you hate it, you can’t resist to compare how much happiness and wackiness you felt reading the said book. You can’t flip another page of this Greek Heroes without comparing it to Greek Gods. And sorry guys, but I laughed more on the first book. I dunno, maybe because on Greek Gods, it’s my first time to read Percy’s thoughts. And I was amazed and was under the spell of each page. But I didn’t feel the same on this Greek Heroes. But no no no no, I didn’t hate it. I still love the sequel.

On this book, each chapter still surprised me and mesmerized me. It’s not a new thing though, but I was expecting more on each pages. But how Percy wrote about everything is still marvellous. I fell inlove with Helios and Psyche love-affair though. And I still hate those gross scenes. And I felt a lil bit boring on the last two chapters because it consumed a what? More than fifty pages for a single hero? But it was Hercules and Jason afterall, so it’s not a big deal. I get tired of Hercules quests, really. Was looking for a good ending for him, though he still got it as his pages ended. So hooooray! And Jason’s own quests were awesome too.

I was just maybe expecting a better book like how Greek Gods moved me. But still, this awesome sequel is a hit, but book one is better. So final rating would be 3.5 stars… its almost 4 stars which means it’s a must-read books for Percy’s fans. Worth reading still for a Rick Riordan and Percy and modern mythology lover! 🙂


15507958So what will I write on this review? Been thinking for days now on how to write review on this emotionally-wrecking-book. I was so excited then to watch the movie because of Emilia and Sam, coz I’ve been watching their separate movies and shows. And seeing them together in one movie is mind blowing.

The trailer itself is makin me chill and so I decided to grab a copy of the book. So maybe you know the story of this book and so I’ll directly write my review.

Well, it’s actually a bit-predictable book, but I still love it. There’s just one thing that troubled me and still troubles me. That travel to Switzerland. It’s frustrating. Why can’t he just stay in London and be like “oh… im so inlove and I will stay…” But well, Moyes way of thinking made the book and so be it.

Maybe I won’t be reading the sequel coz I feel so much in-love with Will. And if I were Lou, I’ll find it really hard to move on and find a new love. But her travel to Paris is a nice ending. The whole story is actually.

Won’t write any longer coz I just want you to read the book by yourself. Final rating? 4/5 stars. I’ll be watching the movie surely. Maybe it will make me cry… more.

The Secret of Platform 13 (BOOK REVIEW)

853577After visiting Ilocos Norte with co-workers, we went to another trip with hubby’s family to visit relatives out of town. And since, still, I feel I cant finish yet that Uglies book, I decided to bring a children’s book. And I was able to finish it too.

Harry Potter and Percy Jackson were the last books I read. And so it felt a lil bit awkward reading kids book again. Maybe its too ‘childish’ so I skipped some pages just to jumped-in on more interesting parts. But shortly, I finished it.

THE STORY. Well, its childish as I’ve said and very predictable. Sorry.

THE CHARACTERS. It’s a typical story, and so the characters are. But for kids maybe they will be great.

FINAL RATING. Sorry, it will be the lowest rate ever. 2/5 stars for this book. But don’t worry I’ll let my son read this if he’ll be able to. That’s all for now! Bye!


23213285Okay… I dunno why it’s taking me too long finishing this ‘Uglies’ book. And since I had vacation with co-workers for two days, I’ve decided to bring The Lost Chronicles of Eden: Champions by Karren Renz Seña. And I was able to finish it! Hooray…

I was so excited for this book. And I really searched for it. And take note, it is written by Filipina author, so it’s a worth read.

It’s so strange reading a book with familiar places and familiar words and familiar scenes. But I really enjoyed it. It’s makin me smile coz it’s been a while since I’ve read a Filipino-written book that isn’t ‘romance-pocket-book’.

THE STORY. I’m not totally blown-up with this kind of story. The candidates, and champions, and the judges, and the demons, and the chosen ones are not new things to me. But since it’s written by Seña, maybe it’s the reason why I appreciated it.

THE CHARACTERS. The characters are fine. Typical teenagers with special abilities is really a good concept. I am just confused with the names. Solenn, Selina, Solomon, Samson. I almost lose track who’s talking, Solenn or Selina? Solomon or Samson? But there was Lukas and Mateo and Joana and Gabriel. Well at least their names isn’t starting with ‘S’ too! And don’t forget Xandros!

THE TWIST. I really have some instinct on some scenes that came to reality. It’s just the latter part that I didn’t expect. Xandros and Gabriel. That’s the biggest twist to me.

THE SCENES. There are scenes that are predictable, and as I was saying im not totally blown away. One of the scene that I want to re-read is the confrontation between Solomon, Solenn and Xandros. I was seeing Hatake Kakashi on Xandros, with a book. Yeah! With a book! :p

THE SEQUEL. I am anticipating for the sequel. The literal book like this one. I don’t want installment episodes. So I am hoping to see the sequel on bookstore ASAP.

FINAL RATING: Well, only first book? 3 out of 5 stars. Waitin for the sequel until the chronicle is done. Maybe then I’ll be givin my final rating! 🙂


10818853Book Title: Fifty Shades of Grey (Book#1) | Series Title: Fifty Shades of Grey | Author: EL James | EDITION: First Vintage Books Edition, Paperback | Status: Owned | Reading Time: January 1-14, 2016

It’s a three-long-week for me to finish this book. I just decided to give it a try to read this out of curiosity coz I have watched the movie. So the movie-is-much-like-with-the-book. And my thought remains the same.

The love-struck-affair is genuine. A guy who fell inlove with an ordinary girl. And he almost changed himself for her. A romantic story. It’s just that it is on erotic-genre that makes this book bad. The sex scenes really is unbearable. So for you to enjoy the book, never mind those scenes and focus on the love story.

I should not elaborate more on the story coz majority of you who’s reading this review had watched or read the movie already. So I am just here now to give my rating. And I hope it will be reasonable enough to give a separate rating on the style of writing and the story.

I am giving an 3.5 out of 5 stars for the story coz its really realistic. Though materialistic for others, but as Christian says he can afford and wanted to spend on his way, and it happened to be for Ana, so be it. We cant blame Ana’s character too for accepting those ‘on-loans’ as they call it. Its just sad on the later part that they parted ways because of incompatibility. But the so-called-love is there, to both of them I know. Its just that they cant change themselves, yet, I guess.

Maybe yeah, its my first time to give 1/5 stars on the writing style. I just hope this type of story isn’t on this genre. The sex scenes and wordings and redundancy and numerous-almost-the-same-sex-scenes is really unbearable, for me. So skipped a lot of these scenes for me to move on interesting chapters, and I succeeded.

Some maybe saying I am not open-minded, I guess you’re right. Coz I am only interested on the story and disturbed on the way how it writes, but I cant deny that coz this isn’t my genre of books. At least I gave myself a try. I’ll be reading the remaining two books, but not for now I guess. So maybe that’s all for now. May I used then one of my-found-romantic-line as I end this? Laters baby… 🙂


Book Title: Red Queen (Book#1) | Series Title: Red Queen | Author: Victoria Aveyard | EDITION: Harper Teen, Paperback | Status: Owned | Reading Time: May 18 – June 2, 2015

And I found another to-be-hated-king-character. Sorry, it’s a spoiler on first statement. But it’s a first-thought for this book. It’s a rated 3/5 stars book. It deserves higher star, but since it’s only the first one, and I should wait a lil bit longer for the book 2, I stand to that 3/5 stars.

Mare, the lead character is fairly fine, for a dystopian character. The concept of division by blood is… well, fine. Red for normal people and Silver for those who have special ability. Thus Red are the servants and Silver are the Gods and they all live in High Houses. Okay, whatever Victoria. You made that just fine. But Mare, a Red has special ability. And that starts the story. So there were commitment, loyalty, betrayal, confusion, love, trust, friendship, secrets, mysteries, family… and hatred.

Maven, I’ll be watching him closely. Cal, I dunno if I’ll hate him or like him. Mysterious, he is. Kilorn, I can feel a pity for him. Farley, she’s good. Elara, I hate her!

The setting is good. I just hope to see those places on big screen. Hoping for a movie, yeah right.

Well, im trying not to tell a word to spoil this good book for future reader and so im ending this review in here. Simply 3/5 stars. Cant wait for the next book… Later Mare 🙂


Book Title: The Last Olympian (Book#5) | Series Title: Percy Jackson and the Olympians | Author: Rick Riordan| EDITION: Disney Hyperion, Paperback | Status: Owned | Reading Time: May 13 – 18, 2015

It’s a very late post of book review I know, but I must write anyway. Coz this ends my journey on Percy’s world, for the meantime. And this feeling strikes me again. As always, it’s a bittersweet feeling coz at last, I finally found answers for Percy and Annabeth and the whole team. Buts it’s just sad I needed to wait longer time before getting a good time for Heroes of Olympus. 🙂

I wasn’t expecting whom does this ‘Last Olympian’ refers to. And it was she afterall, Hestia. There are lots of things to share about this book. The action scenes are amazing and intense. I can’t even find right words describing how I feel how the team battles Kronos himself. And those deaths of characters, it’s heartbreaking. Indeed it is written amazingly that I felt every emotions.

#1: ANNABETH AND RACHEL. These two brave girls really play a very good role in saving the world from Titans attack. They did their part bravely and intelligently that really helps Percy in surviving the battle. They made him stronger and tougher.

#2: ACHILLES CURSE. I didn’t see it coming. But it’s a good thing for Percy. He was invincible and indestructible and braver and tougher. And what made him do this possible is very sweet. Without her knowing, Annabeth made this possible for Percy.

#3: LUKE. You know I’ve hated him since ‘The Lightning Thief’, but I pity him on this book. His family, his love for Annabeth, this made him weak. But at the end he chose what is right. And it made him a hero. He was just used by Kronos.

#4: LUKE’S BATTLE. Luke’s own battle with Kronos is creepy. Though because he wanted still to be good and reverse what have had done. But unfortunately he didn’t succeed. But he bravely and wholeheartedly choose right path on his last breath.

#5: RACHEL ELIZABETH DARE. I’ll track you down on Heroes of Olympus, I’ll see to it. Well, I wasn’t expecting also how big her role is. It’s a good thing I watched her carefully on her first encounter with Percy. And what she did to save Percy from the school madness is a job well done.

#6: THE OFFER. Being the hero on saving the world and Olympus as well made Zeus grant Percy’s wish to be immortal, if he say so. But he’s not like other hero who wanted that eternity. He wants to experience those glimpse of his life as shown by the Faith.

#7: THE CLAIMING. And let’s expect a bunch of demigods, coz it’s a must now for the Olympians to claim their sons and daughters… Let’s count starting with Jayson on HoO… Thanks Percy for the chance to meet them one by one. 🙂

#8: BOB AND SALLY. I just hope he will be a real good guy for Percy’s mom. For she deserve a normal love story too, am I right?

#9: THE ENDING, ITSELF. The ending of the book is really an interesting one. I wish I could read Heroes of Olympus right now. But it’s a worth waiting for I know, coz I’ll be reliving with the characters soon. I know it will be roller-coaster-ride again, so I’m prepping myself for it.

All-in-all, I can’t write everything on my mind. It’s simply 5/5 rating for this last book. And I know, you’ve wanted too to read it by yourself, so do it now and experience a mind-blowing actions and quests and love and loyalty and commitment… Thanks Mr. CampHalfBlood for the wonderful journey. Thanks Percy for a forever-remembered quests and happenings. It’s a goodbye for now… 🙂


Book Title: The Battle of the Labyrinth (Book#4) | Series Title: Percy Jackson and the Olympians | Author: Rick Riordan| EDITION: Disney Hyperion, Paperback | Status: Owned | Reading Time: April 18 – May 13, 2015

Its just a dismay i was lazy reading this beautiful book… But i still made it with amazement. And just I thought, Percy’s world on fourth book is amazing as ever. The quest is exciting and worth living-by-reading. The adventure is really great… and I can’t say exact words describing it.

#1: THE QUEST. The quest itself is reassuring that the whole book will be a blast. And I was right!

#2: THAT RANCH. That horrible ranch… and Percy’s cleaning task is a mess. But he made it in a witty way. He’s Poseidon’s son afterall… great!

#3: ENEMIES AND ALLIED. Those we were expecting to be the enemy, all of sudden were allied. And those who were supposed to be allied were enemies. Well, always happens.

#4: DAEDALUS. You are the center of attraction man… and what you’ve done in this book is amazing yet a lil disappointing. But you’re great. You are the maker of the Labyrinth after all…

#5: CALYPSO. Percy’s biggest ‘what-if’. Well he’s been through a lot. And maybe he cant be an immortal after all… (trying not to spoil)

#6: PERCY’S DEATH. Yeah… they actually burn a shroud for Percy. :p

#7: ANTAEUS. That Cyclops. I know Tyson will beat him to death if they meet. Thanks Percy is a witty man.

#8: BETRAYAL. Im just sad with Nico. He’d been trusting wrong person… do I need to say ghost?

#9: THE WAR. The war between Luke’s / Kronos army against the Camp Half-Blood is action packed, though killings cant be avoided. It’s a great scene though.

And that’s it…. It’s a very late review coz I’ve already finished The Last Olympian as of now and currently reading Red Queen… That’s why im more focused on writing review for the last book of the series. 4.5/5 stars for this great second-to-the-last-book-of-the-series! 🙂