Okay…. So here it is! I was so excited for this August coz of Greek Heroes…. Yups August, its coming. But then I browsed my GR account and also was excited to find Red Queen Book 2 cover is updated. But to my dismay, I didn’t noticed the date.. 2016!!! Are you kiddin me? I was then feeling worse coz I read Red Queen Book 1 only this June… and so I counted… so I needed to wait for the second book for a couple of months, more. But 2016?!?!? Isn’t that too long for waiting for a great book?!? Oh come one… Please release Glass Sword before the year ends instead! I’ll feel much better then!


CURRENTLY READING: Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

Is it just me who get bored on the first pages?

Yeah, after reading Percy Jackson’s The Last Olympian, i grabbed Aveyard’s book and started reading right away. But i felt bored, and i found it difficult to flip on second page on Chapter I. Is it really boring or maybe because i shifted to a new writing skill immediately?

But, on Chapter II to Chapter IV im starting to like it, i guess. But it took me one day to finish the Chapter I coz i felt bored as i say. And now, i hope i can make it till middle to last chapters without gettin bored. Coz on some reviews they were tellin its a great read. And im also lookin forward finishing it before school days begins…