A Time To Kill (Book Review)

atimeHe’s such a good writer, and that’s why I am collecting his books to fill my bookshelf at home. This is his first book released, but this was the third book of him I read I guess… The Street Lawyer, then The Firm, and right, I’ve read it third on the list. Grisham really is read-till-the-end writer, I mean you won’t be able to put down his books because it’s always fill of thrill, excitement, controversy etc… that you want to discover the beginnings-to-endings of each mysterious-written-scenes. Continue reading

The Chamber (Book Review)

thechamberAdmiring the story of The Street Lawyer, where Michael Brock (the lead role) quits his work and decided to be poorly-paid-attorney for the sake of homeless people, here comes another character of Grisham, Adam Cayhall who did the same thing, in different reason, to fight for anti-death-penalty law… This book is so dramatic since it tackles family-unity-issue. I admire really Adam, despite all the stories he heard about his granny, he didn’t hesitated to help him until the last hour. I really cried on the scene where Sam Cayhall places on the chamber and gassed to death… Continue reading

The Street Lawyer (Book Review)

streetlawyer“It’s not money that always matters…” this I understand on this book. Well, honestly I read this book couple of years now. So I can’t remember all the details. Michael Brock, a young lawyer that can be considered as new on law-world faces a big case when he involved himself in a hostage-crisis done by a man called himself Mister… After so many discoveries, he leaves his firm to take a poorly-paid position that allows him works to protect the rights of the homeless; this made him called as the Street Lawyer. Continue reading