I was waiting for the last day of the month to post this but I cant wait no more. So as I’ve written on my 2015 BOOKS, i got a New Year present from a cousin which was ‘The Last Symbol’ by Dan Brown, and I am so happy. I promised I would be generous for myself in buying books this year, and so hell’yah, i think I am doin it right away.

Here are the books i got just today:

  • World Without End by Ken Follet – wish granted
  • The Half Blood Prince (HP#7) – wish granted
  • Mad Dogs by Robert Muchamore
  • The Prisoner by Robert Muchamore
  • CLASSIC LIBRARY FOR BOYS for my son, Shawn Evan
  • The Wizard of Oz
  • The Prince and the Pauper
  • The Little Prince
  • Frankenstein
  • The Second Jungle Book

And with that, my day and week and month is complete and satisfying. Maybe I wont buy anything for this month anymore… So see for my Book Haul for the next month!

BOOK HAUL: May 2015

Another four books, sad to say, for the month of May!

  1. The Street Lawyer by John Grisham, ive already read it and now its owned!
  2. The Partner by John Grisham
  3. Halo by Zizou Corder (its on my TBR list)
  4. Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard (on TBR list but as of now, on READ list)

Book Haul: April 2015

So here are the books i’ve got for the month of April of this year. I just hope i can get more since ‘Booksale’ is back πŸ™‚

I just got four books!

  • Uglies, Uglies Book#1 by Scott Westerfeld
  • The Shadow Thieves, The Cronus Chronicles Book#1 by Anne Ursu
  • Silver is for Secrets, Blue is for Nightmares Book#3 by Laurie Faria Stolarz
  • Matched, Matched Book#1 by Ally Condie

Book Search Wednesday#02

Yeah, a lil bit late post guys. I was able to browse books yesterday for this entry… And what i got are these:

#4: THE BLACKWELL PAGES by KL Armstrong and MA Marr

I’ve been wanting modern adaptation of Greek Mythology and this series comes out on my search… And its a trilogy, so i guess it would be a good time reading… πŸ™‚

#5: CASTER CHRONICLES by Kamih Garcia and Margaret Stohl

And last night i was watching its movie adaptation of Beautiful Creatures… and i searched it after and i found out that its been on my To-Read list on my Goodreads account… And so it will be another must-have book series, i guess πŸ™‚

Book Search Wednesday#01

fbanner - booksearch

I’ve decided to create my own event now coz I envy those book lovers who have the same… And so since Wednesday is the only day that I think I am not busy enough at work and at home, so it will be the scheduled day for book searching and haunting… And here is the first list:


SERIES TITLE: Divergent (Supplementary Book) | AUTHOR: Veronica Roth | YEAR OF PUBLISHED: 2014

Since I’m still on the Insurgent (Divergent Book#2), I am planning to grab a copy of this. Though it gathers some bad reviews on Goodreads because it came out just after the Allegiant has ended, I still want to read it. I’m still on Four’s spell so I will take the chance to read it though. I hope I can get a copy before finishing the Allegiant so it will be read immediately. πŸ™‚

#2: Fairytales for Wilde Girls

AUTHOR: Allyse Near | YEAR OF PUBLISHED: 2013 | GENRE: Fantasy, Young Adult

I’ll give a shot to add this new author (for me, since I haven’t seen her name before) because the title itself catches my attention. And I’ve been to dystopian world and mythology for so long, so I want a new one. But of course, this book needs to wait for a coupla months I guess… So new book on my TBR list I guess… πŸ™‚

#3: Huntress

AUTHOR: Melinda Lo | YEAR OF PUBLISHED: 2011 | GENRE: Fantasy, Young Adult

I’ve been so in-love with books portrays young lady’s bravery. And this book added magic world and adventures… And so maybe I’m givin this a try on my list too.Β  And the character is Chinese, lalalala, Asian character girl, so its worth tryin for i guess… πŸ™‚

2015 Books

So here are the books i got for this year!

#1: Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods. A Supplementary book of Percy Jackson and the Olympians. A gift from friend, Nikki Dianne.

Percy Jackson's Greek Gods | Rick Riordan | Edition: Disney Hyperion Paperback Edition| From Nikki Dianne

#2: Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series by Rick Riordan. Yes, right its a gift from a friend, Jennifer, who fortunately not a reader. It was just piled on her room, untouched and thanks she decided to gave me all of it πŸ™‚

Percy Jackson and the Olympians | Author: Rick Riordan | Edition: Disney Hyperion Paperback Edition | Thanks to a friend named Jennifer :) <3

#3: Divergent Series by Veronica Roth. And again, from Nikki and her sister Gellie. New Year’s gift. And im so lovin it… πŸ™‚

Divergent Trilogy by Veronica Roth |  KT Books Paperback International Edition :) Given by Nikki and Gelli as gift. How lucky girl I am, right? :) <3

#4: Fifty Shades Trilogy by EL James. So as i was sayin, dont have any plan to place this series on my shelf, if i buy it myself, and unexpectedly a student gave the whole set to me! So thanks Vilmer. It will be added on my shelf, no choice πŸ™‚

Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy | Vintage Paperback Edition. A student gave the whole set to me earlier today, March 4, 2015. Was tellin myself not to place the series on my shelf, but i guess I have no choice coz its a gift. Sorry :) #Unexpected