Okay…. So here it is! I was so excited for this August coz of Greek Heroes…. Yups August, its coming. But then I browsed my GR account and also was excited to find Red Queen Book 2 cover is updated. But to my dismay, I didn’t noticed the date.. 2016!!! Are you kiddin me? I was then feeling worse coz I read Red Queen Book 1 only this June… and so I counted… so I needed to wait for the second book for a couple of months, more. But 2016?!?!? Isn’t that too long for waiting for a great book?!? Oh come one… Please release Glass Sword before the year ends instead! I’ll feel much better then!


Book Title: Red Queen (Book#1) | Series Title: Red Queen | Author: Victoria Aveyard | EDITION: Harper Teen, Paperback | Status: Owned | Reading Time: May 18 – June 2, 2015

And I found another to-be-hated-king-character. Sorry, it’s a spoiler on first statement. But it’s a first-thought for this book. It’s a rated 3/5 stars book. It deserves higher star, but since it’s only the first one, and I should wait a lil bit longer for the book 2, I stand to that 3/5 stars.

Mare, the lead character is fairly fine, for a dystopian character. The concept of division by blood is… well, fine. Red for normal people and Silver for those who have special ability. Thus Red are the servants and Silver are the Gods and they all live in High Houses. Okay, whatever Victoria. You made that just fine. But Mare, a Red has special ability. And that starts the story. So there were commitment, loyalty, betrayal, confusion, love, trust, friendship, secrets, mysteries, family… and hatred.

Maven, I’ll be watching him closely. Cal, I dunno if I’ll hate him or like him. Mysterious, he is. Kilorn, I can feel a pity for him. Farley, she’s good. Elara, I hate her!

The setting is good. I just hope to see those places on big screen. Hoping for a movie, yeah right.

Well, im trying not to tell a word to spoil this good book for future reader and so im ending this review in here. Simply 3/5 stars. Cant wait for the next book… Later Mare 🙂

CURRENTLY READING: Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

Is it just me who get bored on the first pages?

Yeah, after reading Percy Jackson’s The Last Olympian, i grabbed Aveyard’s book and started reading right away. But i felt bored, and i found it difficult to flip on second page on Chapter I. Is it really boring or maybe because i shifted to a new writing skill immediately?

But, on Chapter II to Chapter IV im starting to like it, i guess. But it took me one day to finish the Chapter I coz i felt bored as i say. And now, i hope i can make it till middle to last chapters without gettin bored. Coz on some reviews they were tellin its a great read. And im also lookin forward finishing it before school days begins…


My original TBR#02 is to be postponed, for the meantime coz i got this Red Queen of Veronica Aveyard already. And i’ve decided to give a second chance to Diane Setterfield’s Thirteenth Tale. So my TBR list, i hope before end of June will be as follows:


  • The Last Olympian, Percy Jackson and the Olympians Book#05 
  • Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard
  • The Hunger Games, Book#01 by Suzanne Collins
  • The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield (on-going)